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Eco Charger Quads
Various models

Eco Charger Quads are designers, developers and manufacturers of Electric All Terrain Vehicles (E-ATV). They are based in Ilfracombe, North Devon (design/development) and Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset (sales, manufacture and distribution).

The company was founded by Fred Chugg, a North Devon farmer and entrepreneur and a leading exponent of alternative and renewable energy sources. In addition to his agricultural interests, he has created a leading Quad Bike Adventure Centre based on the family farm. This combination of interests, experience and expertise led to the formation of Eco Charger Quads and the initial small-scale production of vehicles in North Devon.

In 2014 the company applied for CE (conformité européenne) registration marking, whilst simultaneously upgrading supplier sourcing across the range of quads to select only the best components, mostly from UK companies. Emphasis also moved towards building vehicles to exacting engineering specifications rather than to a unit cost. 

Growing awareness of the many advantages to running E-ATVs has led to a upsurge of interest in Eco Charger’s products, whilst increasing demand has led the company to establish a new purpose-built production facility near Weston-Super-Mare.  Research & development continues to design new models to meet customer demand and exploring the application of lithium battery technology.

Demand for Eco Charger's E-ATV's has grown both in the UK and increasingly from export enquiries with the products 0% import tariff, and the company has broadened its marketing activities to introduce these unique vehicles to a worldwide market. The company already has distributors throughout Europe together with Central America and Australasia, with active plans for further distribution and manufacturing outlets across the globe.

Ecurie Ecosse

Ecurie Ecosse (Team Scotland), one of the world’s best known private motor racing teams was founded in Edinburgh in November 1951 by the late David Murray and today continues under the present “Patron”, Hugh McCaig. 

Hugh McCaig has been involved in motor racing for the past twenty five years but was a motor racing enthusiast during his school days at Fettes College in Edinburgh. As head of the motoring club in the school he wrote a letter to David Murray of Ecurie Ecosse and asked if Murray would be prepared to bring the famous Ecosse transporter and cars. To his surprise Murray agreed and the sparkling dark blue D-type was unloaded from the Ecurie Ecosse transporter.

From then on Hugh McCaig followed the progress of Ecurie Ecosse. When the team was disbanded in 1972 Hugh little knew that around ten years later he would be able to reform the team and take the famous name on to greater success.

Since 1982, the team have become World Champions in Group C2 World Sports Car Championship, have been involved in the development and running of the factory Aston Martin AMR1 team. They have won the British Touring Car Championship for Vauxhall and have helped support some of Scotland’s most successful modern racing drivers including Allan McNish, David Coulthard, David Leslie, John Cleland and 2007 Indianapolis 500 winner Dario Franchitti.

So Ecurie Ecosse have been instrumental in the development of motor racing for the past fifty five years, not only in Scotland but in Britain as a whole. In early 2021 the company announced their new project, the LM-C, a heritage sports car paying homage to the successful 50s racers including the race-winning Jaguar C-Type. 



Evolution E-Types
Model Range

Evolution E-Types was established by engineer Uryk Dmyterko from his long-held desire to build the best E-Type ever. It all started with a commission to fully restore a Series 1 E-Type roadster to concours standard. Unable to source certain parts he decided to make them himself and the rest, as they say, is history.

However, this isn’t just another Jaguar E-Type restoration company, as Uryk Dmyterko is already recognised as a leading supplier of new E-Type parts such as their high strength chassis frames, solid billet machined aluminium cam covers and their most recent development, an aluminium 5-speed gearbox.

Now the world’s leading E-Type parts supplier has taken a big step forward to create a brand new range of Jaguar E-type models with modern day comforts, handling and engineering developments. They offer customers all the sixties style, look and feel of this iconic car, but with contemporary handling, reliability and comfort, a recipe that is increasingly popular amongst car enthusiasts looking for classic style without the headaches.

Uryk leads a team of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen who are producing these exquisite machines from a large workshop complex comprising CNC machining, engine and bodywork shops, spray booth, upholstery and mechanical engineering departments. The company is based in Darlington, Co. Durham.

Francis-Barnett was originally founded in 1919, by Gordon Inglesby Francis and Arthur Barnett, and based in Lower Ford Street, Coventry, England. In the post-war era economical transport was at a premium and the new motorcycle was developed not only with the motorcycle enthusiasts in mind, but also for citizens who needed reasonably priced personal transport. Most of their light motorcycles used Villiers and later AMC two-stroke engines.

In the 1930s the company developed the 250 cc Cruiser, one of the first motorcycles to have a faired engine, protecting the rider from oil and dirt. Francis Barnett was taken over by Associated Motor Cycles in 1947 and combined with James in 1957.

The combined firm remained in business until 1966. The new ownership aims to bring back the Francis-Barnett name into the biking world with their range of new bikes. They are based just a few miles outside of Coventry, in the historic town of Kenilworth.

Frontline Developments, based near Abingdon-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, and started by engineer Tim Fenna in 1992,  has built up a solid reputation for designing and building upgraded components for fitting to classic British sports cars, such as the MGB and Spridgets and Triumphs. Their aim is to combine yesterday's heritage with today's state-of-the-art technology, by completely transforming the performance of these cars - from handling and roadholding to gearbox and engine characteristics, while maintaining their classic looks and character. 

In more recent years, Frontline has built up a solid reputation for re-engineering the much-loved MGB GT and roadster, under its Factory Edition and Bespoke Edition programmes. The two original Factory Editions, the LE50, a Mazda powered version of the GT and the more potent Abingdon Roadster both sold out their production runs. These have now been replaced by the lastest models, the potent V8 engined LE60, succeeding the LE50, and a full electric version, the BEE, based on either the GT and roadster. 

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