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P50 Cars

The original Peel Engineering Company was based on the Isle of Man, and was a well-known manufacturer of the Peel P50 and Trident three wheel microcars in the early 1960s. The P50 is still listed in the Guiness Book of Records as the World's Smallest Production Car. It achieved fame more recently when Jeremy Clarkson drove one around the BBC Television Centre during an edition of Top Gear! (see Video Library)

A few years ago the company was aquired by car enthusiast and businessman Gary Hillman and his partner Faizal Khan, who started making both the P50 and Trident again in modified versions. In 2010 they and the cars appeared on the Dragons' Den TV show and won investment from James Caan, which has enabled them to produce more of the cars and to develop a range of retail merchandise to capitalise on the cars' popularity around the world.  

Both the Peel P50 and Trident are now offered in a range of models, either as a self-build project or factory-built, and are built in the company's London premises.

Pembleton Motor Company

The Pembleton Motor Company was established in 1999 by ex national hillclimb champion and designer Phil Gregory, in order to build a three-wheeler heritage sports car which echoed the classic 1920s cycle car. Initially these Morgan-inspired 3-wheelers were offered in kit form only, but in late 2015 the company started marketing factory-built cars called the V-Sport.

Phil's son Guy joined his father in the business and the cars are built at Pembleton's premises at Bayton near Kidderminster in Worcestershire.

Established in 1985, over the 34 year period Pilgrim Motorsports have produced in excess of 15,000 cars, galvanising their position as one of the largest ‘Low volume car manufacturers’ in the UK. At its height Pilgrim was producing ten kits a week as well as building turnkey cars at the factory. 

Along the way Pilgrim has also built other cars/kits which have included The Bulldog, Family Tourer, Haldane, Jeepster, Hawthorn, Minotaur, Martini and of course the ever famous AC Cobra replica. They are also specialists in classic American muscle cars under the separate name of Muscle Car UK.

Their factory, based near Brighton, is 16500 sq ft with a sales area of 14,000sq ft. Pilgrim Motorsports currently build replicas of the iconic AC Cobra and the Porsche Speedster 356, which can be bought in the UK and EU in either RHD or LHD spec.

Founded in 1985 by Jim Marland, Proteus has been a leader in the field of replica inspired sports cars, evoking the sights, sounds, performance and experience of a 1950s sports racing car coupled with modern reliability and handling. The company has a reputation for engineering excellence and superb craftsmanship, resulting in cars that are today some of the most valuable re-creations of those iconic models. Proteus was purchased in 2008 by its current owners, with Jim Marland re-joining the company as a technical consultant. Proteus have built a total of around 270 cars at their base near Reading and they currently produce a Jaguar C-Type replica.

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