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Tevva is a technology company and truck manufacturer. Best known for creating Britain’s first 7.5t-electric truck, they specialise in producing zero-tailpipe emission electric vehicles and long-range hydrogen electric vehicles. Their unique approach blends both battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Tevva founder Asher Bennett first conceived his groundbreaking idea for decarbonising the freight industry deep under the ocean. His initial career as an Israeli submarine officer meant his first electric vehicle, as it were, was a submarine. Asher was aware that the electrification of trucks required a finely tuned solution to make the idea as successful as that applied to electric cars. Taking many of the concepts learned in his seagoing days, he applied them to HGVs.

Starting with a core engineering team of just seven, Tevva began developing a range of technologies (as well as its eTruck) to be able to provide other OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and fleet-based businesses with a ready-made solution to the electrification of the medium duty sector, with the urban distribution industry the most critical to clean up. The first generation of Tevva trucks used a small ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) range-extender, but later generations would use hydrogen fuel cells (not as the primary energy source, but as the backup for lithium-ion batteries). 

The world quickly realised the viability of Asher's idea, leading to the opening of Tevva London, the company's UK base – where thousands of electric trucks will be manufactured annually. Further plans are afoot to open more factories in continental Europe and beyond. 

The Little Car Company is the world expert in producing exceptional junior cars in partnership with the most elite car manufacturers. This unique partnership guarantees that every vehicle is an official licensed product of the brand. They expertly hand-build each car in the UK, and it is this level of care and attention that delivers the stunning quality for which they are famed.

Behind the scenes, their production team brings together a culmination of exceptional engineering expertise from a range of testing environments. Their attention to detail and eye for quality are matched only by their inventive spirit, meaning every vehicle that rolls out of the manufacturing facility features that little bit of engineering magic, befitting of the marques they are representing. Meanwhile, the client services team is on hand to ensure they deliver a personalised customer experience that is second-to-none. They believe in building a community amongst little car owners, and that is why every client receives a lifetime membership to The Little Car Club.

Formerly an WW2 RAF base, Bicester Heritage will become the home of The Little Car Company, with vehicles being hand-built by their in-house engineering team. The Little Car Company site will also comprise a client handover and experience centre plus showroom. They are currently taking orders for their Baby Bugatti ll and DB5 Junior projects.

Theon Design evolved from Adam Hawley’s desire to build his own, perfect Porsche 911. Hawley, who heads up Theon Design, has over 20 years of experience as a car designer, having worked with BMW, Jaguar, Lotus and Lexus. Hawley has also worked with Airbus, as well as taken to the water to design for a powerboat manufacturer.

A lifelong Porsche fan Hawley’s dream was to own a 911 that was a little different; a restomod appealed, but Hawley was keen to utilise his own design, material and prototyping skills and experience to create a car that combined the best of the classic looks and driver involvement, but with the comforts of modern drivability.

Hawley’s own prototype went on to receive such praise that Theon Design was born, building cars with Hawley’s vision and exacting attention, but for customers. To create Theon Design Hawley gathered a team of experts in all areas of automotive design, engineering, engine and chassis development, interior trimming and manufacture. Detail driven and design focussed, Theon Design approaches its builds as an original manufacturer does, using computer aided design and manufacture for prototyping and building, to ensure the very finest quality and finish. Theon Design has an uncomplicated goal; to significantly enhance the iconic Porsche 911 experience to a different level.

Theon Design's creations emerge from the appropriately named Grey Barns in Deddington, Oxfordshire.

Tiger Racing is a family run business, founded in 1989, and based in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. They currently build seven different models of road and race cars, including two under the famous name of ERA (English Racing Automobiles), for which they own the trademark. The company is proud of its customer back-up service following the purchase of one of its cars. Their on-site facilities include two engineering shops, sales/show area, paint department, trimming shop, petrol station, MOT workshop and an impressive parts department. Tiger Racing, as their name suggests, have teamed up with the BARC with a new Tiger class competing in the Southern Saloon and Sportcars series and continuing with the ERA class in the Single Seater series. They can supply race cars for both these series.

Tolman was founded by Christopher Tolman in 2007, following his twelve years spent in professional motorsport. Based in Warwickshire in the heart of the British motorsport industry, Tolman has expanded organically since its conception, twice outgrowing its premises.

There are now ten full-time employees housed in a modern 4000 sq ft workshop. With a team of ex-factory motorsport and automotive technicians, Tolman utilises knowledge gained from winning multiple world championship titles to benefit its clients.

The company, made up of three divisions, Engineering, Restoration & Historic and Motorsport, recently completed and delivered the first example of their Tolman Edition, a 205 GTI. This is basically a 'new' version of the iconic 80s hot hatch.

Drawing on Tolman’s huge experience of restoring and improving historic and modern classics using parts it has engineered and manufactured in-house, the Tolman Edition follows the firm’s ethos for non-invasive enhancements (everything can be returned to standard) to create a 205 GTI that evokes the emotions of driving a well sorted example in period.

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