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Mac Motorcycles
The Ruby

Mac Motorcycles is a company that has been involved in the design and development of motorbikes for a number of years. Based in Upton-Upon-Severn, Worcestershire, it is run and staffed by a group of five enthusiasts, who have extensive experience in engineering, design, motorcycle scrambling and other related interests.

They have recently developed a completely new motorcycle, called The Ruby, a lightweight, single cylinder machine with a very distictive design. Customer orders will start to be taken in the autumn of 2018.

Originally started over thirty years ago, Marlin Cars has now been established at its base in Crediton, Devon, under the ownership of Terry and Mark Matthews since the early 90s and has earned itself a reputation for developing, building and selling high quality specialist sports cars. As the demand for individual, affordable sports cars has increased over recent years, the company has seen fierce competition  from both specialist car manufacturers and from larger, mainstream ones. 

Marlin Cars has maintained its market share by simply doing what it does best - producing cars that people want. Marlin currently make two models, the Sportster and the 5EXi, the latter available in road or racing trim.

The McLaren Group has for many years been closely associated with the highest levels of motorsport, and has successfully competed in Formula1 and other great motor racing series and races such as Can-Am, Indy car and Le Mans.

In 1989 a new company, McLaren Cars, was founded by former McLaren Group Chairman Ron Dennis with the intention of designing and building the world's greatest supercar and in 1992 the McLaren F1 was launched to a stunned world press. This was in no small part due to the fact that the F1 had a top speed of 225mph, way faster than any other supercar at that time. Since then, the company now known as McLaren Automotive, joined forces with Mercedes-Benz to produce the exclusive SLR McLaren between 2003 and 2009, selling a total of 2,114 cars.

However, in early 2012 their own successor to the iconic F1, the MP4-12C, started production at the state of the art £40 million McLaren Production Centre in Woking, Surrey. Following on from the success of the MP4-12C McLaren now make a number of supercars for both road and track  under the range banners of GT, Supercars and Ultimate Series. In 2018 McLaren were handed the keys to their new Composites Technology Centre in Yorkshire.

MCR Race Cars
MCR S2/02

MCR Race Cars specialise in the design and manufacture of sports prototype racing cars and are based near St Davids in Pembrokeshire. Using the latest technology, the quality of manufacture of its components, everything under the skin, in the cockpit and even the GRP clothing that covers it, looks neat, oozes quality and has a robustness about it. They undertake all their own machining and fabrication, have full in-house production of GRP and fibreglass bodywork and moulds and look after race preparation. The MCR was designed by Brazilian designer Luiz Fernando Cruz and Welshman Clive Hayes. They currently manufacture the MCR S2 and 02 racers.

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