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Young Driver Motor Cars
Firefly Sport

Young Driver Motor Cars design and build distinctive and exemplary cars in the UK for children worldwide. Established in 2015, they are based in Balsall Common in the West Midlands. 

Young Driver Motor Cars is part of Young Driver, the largest under 17 driving school in the world. Over 1,100,000 lessons have been delivered to 10 – 17 year olds from 75 UK sites.  Back in 2015,  Young Driver Motor Cars was created as a dedicated business in order to design and manufacture new electric two seater cars for 4 – 10 year old age group.

Their highly experienced automotive designers, engineers and manufacturing experts all have extensive experience of creating real cars for automotive brands from Aston Martin and Bentley to Land Rover and MG. Their team is dedicated to creating real cars for 4–10 year olds, not toys.  As with their previous models, production series cars are manufactured in Britain. Their latest car, Firefly Sport launched in August 2022, is unique in using entirely British made components, making it Britain’s first EV!

The people behind Young Driver Motor Cars are each incredibly experienced in their particular fields of expertise in the mainstream motor industry, having held senior positions in manufacturers and tier one automotive suppliers. Being a small, experienced and motivated team, they are able to work at speed to bring innovative and technically sophisticated solutions to market that have integrity, reliability and great design.They are passionate about cars and believe that enabling the next generation of motorists to learn to drive and enjoy driving safely in a product as close as possible to the real thing represents a real contribution to road safety.

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