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The Arash Motor Company was founded by Arash Farboud in 1999 and the first car he designed and built was the Farboud GT, followed by the GTS, both born out of a passion for cars and inspired by the 24 hours endurance racing of Le Mans. Progressive development lead to the launch of the exciting AF-10 in 2011, a 'hypercar' capable of over 200 mph. Arash has now launched the AF8 supercar which will also be handbuilt at their factory in Newmarket.

Arc, is a new ground-breaking electric motorcycle company which takes a detour from the norm in search of fresh terrain and new frontiers. Based in Coventry, England, at the heart of the UK’s global-leading High-Performance Automotive Engineering cluster, the idea for Arc was born out of Jaguar Land Rover’s White Space ‘skunk works’, an innovation lab previously headed by Mark Truman. They have developed the unique Vector electric motorcycle which "is an incredible development in the next generation of motorcycle travel.”

Mark, now Arc's CEO and largest shareholder, is a purist biker and technology evangelist with a bold vision and blue-chip backing, who has brought together a dream team and put in motion an ambitious business plan.  A committed environmentalist, the designer and engineer won the Society of Automotive Engineers International Young Engineer of the Year Award in 2005 for his experimental work on motorcycle chassis and swing arm flex and design parameters. He has worked in motorsport as a data acquisition engineer, and has 35 years of motorcycling experience.

Arc's people have worked in senior positions within Aston Martin, KTM, Ducati, Triumph and MotoGP. Pioneers in their field, they’ve designed vehicles for James Bond, emergency rescue units, niche electric hypercar companies, and some of the finest vehicles to take to the track.

Production is targeting 399 motorcycles in year one. Three hundred and ninety-nine is the voltage of the bike.

Race car engineering. Quality components. Uniquely designed, beautifully made, with astonishing performance that surpasses practically any vehicle. This then is the essence of the Ariel Atom - no compromise, total driver involvement, the bottom line is stunningly serious fun.The original Ariel company started by making cars around the turn of the last century and later became well known as a builder of high powered motorbikes, which included the famous Ariel Arrow.

The Atom has been in production for over fifteen years at the purpose-built factory in Crewkerne, Somerset, and the latest versions of this car, the Atom 4, are built alongside the Ace motorbike and the all-terrain Nomad.

AS Motorsport was founded in 2007, by Andrew Soar (hence AS), who grew up on the family farm in Norfolk, but who would go on to become a successful engineering lecturer and later on an engineering consultant in the US and elsewhere.

After a spell building and servicing Cobra 427 replicas, AS Motorsport was created to develop and build the ASM R1 Le Mans, a model strongly influenced by Aston Martin's iconic DBR racing cars of the 1950s. An earlier version of this car had been around since the mid 90s and in fact one was bought by Andrew Soar, before his eventual involvement with the current car.

Andrew has designed improvements which cover such areas as brake packages, suspension design, geometry revision and structural improvements. He has also established working relationships with two top rate English companies who hand craft the alloy bodywork. With the support of Computer Aided Design a wooden buck has been produced using Computer Numerical Control techniques to produce a truly authentic aluminium body shape.

Future developments include the design of a chassis inspired by the DBR2 to qualify for chassic motorsport as well as continued development of the existing chassis. ASM are currently taking commissions for the ASM R1 Le Mans and the cars will continue to be built at the family farm near Bressingham in Norfolk.

Founded in 1913 by Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin, Aston Martin has developed into an iconic brand synonymous with luxury and elegance. 1914 saw the birth of the name 'Aston Martin' following one of Lionel Martin's successful runs at the Aston hill climb in Buckinghamshire.

Throughout the following decades the company enjoyed continued success off and on the track, continuously developing and improving their cars, culminating in winning the World Sports Car Championship in 1959. 1947 saw the start of the industrialist David Brown's involvement with Aston Martin and indeed his initials became the prefix of the cars' model names right up to the present day with the DBS and DB9. 

In 1954 the company moved to the famous site at Newport Pagnell, where they remained, through several changes of ownership, until 2003 when their new global headquarters opened in Gaydon, Warwickshire. This was the first purpose built facility in the company's history and led by Dr Ulrich Bez since 2000, they now manufacture a range of highly regarded models.

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