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Exo Sports Cars was founded in January 2015 to manufacture the highly successful range of car and bike-engined vehicles that for the last few years have dominated the kit car scene under the MEV and RTR brands. The company and it's SVE (Scuderia Veicolo Exoskeletal) brand is focused on its primary objective to manufacture the most thrilling exoskeletal kit cars and sports cars for sale in both the UK and in the markets of their international distributors. Their fabricators are skilled craftmen and benefit from having manufactured all of the vehicles since their initial conception. The hundreds of vehicles that are now on the road stand as testament to the quality of their work. The range of bike-engined vehicles formerly manufactured by Exo Sports Cars are now being built by Rebel Performance Machines. The company is concentrating on the development and manufacture of their two core products, Rocket II and Rocket Classic, from their premises in Tuxford, Nottinghamshire.   

Frontline Developments, based near Abingdon-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, was started in 1992 and has built up a solid reputation for designing and building upgraded components for fitting to classic British sports cars, such as the MGB and Spridgets and Triumphs. Their aim is to combine yesterday's heritage with today's state-of-the-art technology, by completely transforming the performance of these cars - from handling and roadholding to gearbox and engine characteristics, while maintaining their classic looks and character. Frontline are now building a limited edition modern take on the much-loved MGB GT, called the LE50, and a Roadster version called the Abingdon Edition. 

Gardner Douglas was established in 1990 by design engineer Andrew Burrows, with the aim of producing premium sports cars for individuals who wanted the very best combination of 60's era design and contemporary handling and performance. Their GD Mk3 model was the first car of its kind to be submitted and awarded Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA). In the last ten years much has been written about the company, its people and its cars. At a time when brand is everything, it is reassuring to know that a major part of the GD brand is its reputation for always putting quality first. The current range of five models are built at their factory in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

GBS (Great British Sports Cars) Ltd has been in business for over twenty five years and has built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise in developing and building Lotus Seven Style cars. This has resulted in their current model, the successful Zero, which they build at their premises near Newark in Nottinghamshire.

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