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Although it can trace its roots back as far as 1922, the first car to be called a Jaguar was the SS Jaguar 2.5 litre saloon, launched in 1935. Since then the name Jaguar has become synonymous with the development and production of fast, beautifully designed sports and saloon cars. The old company slogan of 'Grace, Space and Pace' could still be said to hold true to Jaguar's current ethos.

The following decades saw Jaguar produce many iconic models, the E-Type and Mark II probably the most fondly remembered, and enjoy some great achievements on the race track. Now, after several changes of ownership over the past few years, Jaguar is enjoying great success again, as part of the Jaguar Land Rover Group, under its new owners, since 2008, Tata Motors of India.

Until the new range of electrified models arrive in 2025 they now just build the F-PACE SUV model at Jaguar's dedicated factory at Castle Bromwich, Birmingham. Production of the XF, XE and F-Type models was discontinued in June 2024.

Jensen has been a name in the UK's automotive industry for around 80 years, most well known for the production of highly distinctive GT cars. Perhaps the most iconic of these was the Jensen Interceptor which was originally built from 1966 until the company ceased trading in 1976. There was even an advanced 4WD version called the FF, which was only made in small numbers.

Over the following years, after various changes of ownership and limited car building, Jensen International Automotive (JIA) was formed in 2010, with a majority shareholding from the succesful and highly respected entrepreneur, Sir Charles Dunstone. The new company is beginning to make a name for itself by producing the Jensen Interceptor R, which is basically a 'new' and modernised version of the original GT car. Based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, JIA is taking commissions to build this car in either normally aspirated, supercharged and convertible guise.

In 2017 JIA launched the Range Rover Chieftan, which is a serious re-engineering and re-design of the Classic Range Rover. They are now in the process of building a very limited number of re-engineered FFs, the ultimate Interceptor.

Kingsley Cars Ltd, based on the outskirts of Eynsham in Oxfordshire, have been established for over twenty years. This family business, founded by Damon Oorloff a dedicated classic Range Rover enthusiast for many years, has built up a strong reputation as a specialist restorer a of this classic 4x4 and now has clients clients throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, UAE, North and South America, as well as the UK.

In addition to a highly skilled and comprehensive restoration service for classic Range Rovers, Kingsley Cars also offer thoroughly re-engineered versions of the iconic off-roader, designed very much for modern driving conditions and contemporary customer requirements.

Known as the KR Series Re-engineered Range Rover Classic, key components are upgraded to improve the drivability, performance, and usability of the car. The company has a substantial parts and remanufacturing department where they also produce parts and period-correct interiors, door cards, carpets and roof linings, vital for the finished product.

L B Specialist Cars

Formerly known as ListerBell Automotive, L B Specialist Cars was established in early 2010, with a view to manufacturing the STR - a modern day interpretation of the world championship winning rally car, the Lancia Stratos. The company was founded by Craig White, who has been involved with the sports car industry since 1989 and has a wide range of experience in specialist car construction, chassis development, fabrication and composites. He has with some of the biggest names in the industry including Ultima Sports Cars Ltd, Seven inspired replicas, Cobras, T70's, Stratos replicas and finally Stealth racing cars.

Rather than trying to create a 'rivet replica', the decision was made to create a car which would reflect the advances in engineering over the four decades since the original car was launched, whilst paying homage to the original Lancia Stratos.

L B Specialist Cars is currently building and supplying the STR in various configurations from their premises in north Nottinghamshire.

The first Land Rover made its debut in 1948. It was designed with brilliant simplicity for extraordinary ability and unrivalled strength and durability. In fact, over six decades on it is estimated that two-thirds of all these incredible vehicles are still at work - many of them in some of the most extreme conditions and inhospitable places on earth.

The Land Rover was the product of continuous evolution and refinement in the 1950s and 1960s and it took the lead in the emerging market for four-wheel drive vehicles. In keeping with the forward-thinking philosophy that founded Land Rover, a radical, entirely new product was introduced in 1970 and created its very own vehicle category. This overnight sensation was the very first Range Rover. It had all the capability of a Land Rover with the comfort and performance of an on-road car.

This culture of innovation has developed ever since with both Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles: new models, more refinement, more innovative technology, more efficiency and fewer emissions. Land Rover will remain in the forefront of advanced design - the new small Range Rover is a testament to the vision that takes the company forward and keeps it at the cutting edge of technology and engineering.

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