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MCR Race Cars
MCR S2/02

MCR Race Cars specialise in the design and manufacture of sports prototype racing cars and are based near St Davids in Pembrokeshire. Using the latest technology, the quality of manufacture of its components, everything under the skin, in the cockpit and even the GRP clothing that covers it, looks neat, oozes quality and has a robustness about it. They undertake all their own machining and fabrication, have full in-house production of GRP and fibreglass bodywork and moulds and look after race preparation. The MCR was designed by Brazilian designer Luiz Fernando Cruz and Welshman Clive Hayes. They currently manufacture the MCR S2 and 02 racers.

Metisse Motorcycles
Various Models

Métisse Motorcycles was founded in 1958 by the Rickman brothers, Don and Derek, both successful motocross racers. They started by just building their own frames, but in 1959 launched their first complete motorcycle, the Mk1 Métisse. 

In 1962, the legendary Mk3 was first raced and provided the catalyst for Métisse’s legendary innovative design and engineering excellence. In 1966, Métisse (French for Mongrel) branched out into the road racing scene and the first road racing motorcycle from Métisse was again a masterclass in innovation and outstanding handling,

Through the 70s, Métisse’s reputation was boosted in the USA by its record of successfully competing in desert racing and was championed by the likes of Steve McQueen and Bud Ekins. Their exporting success was acknowledged by the Queen’s Award to Industry in 1974.

In 1982 Pat French became the custodian for the Mk3 and Café Racers, continuing production and spares using the original moulds and jigs. Despite growing popularity and improved engineering from Japanese motorcycle manufacturers through the ’80s and ’90s, thanks to Pat French and his MRD company, the name of Métisse continued to thrive.

Following several changes of ownership over the ensuing years, Métisse Motorcycles is now run by Métisse enthusiast Gerry Lisi. In 2008 the iconic Steve McQueen Desert Race replica project was started, with Steve’s son, Chad personally becoming involved and ensuring all design details were correct. With the McQueen estate granting the rights for 300 to be produced in limited numbers, the iconic status of the Mk3 lives on. Métisse is the only British manufacturer that handcrafts unique motorcycles with its very own engine.

They currently build the limited edition Steve McQueen Desert Racer™ and other Mk3 and MK5 models, together with undertaking special projects and selling frame and bodywork kits from their premises in Faringdon, Oxfordshire. 

MG Motorsport was set up in 1990 by Doug Smith to service and supply parts to owners of later MGs, especially the MGC for which he had developed several improved and performance parts. The business gradually expanded to  include building “new” MGBs and Cs as well as restoration, road and race preparation, and standard and performance parts for most of the post 1955 MG models. 

Tom, Doug’s son, works in the business and is a successful multiple race winner in his MGB Historic car, 297 EFU.

They currently work from their premises in Bovingdon, near Hemel Hempstead and among other mainly MG projects manufacture the highly regarded MGC GTS Sebring and MGB Historic Racer replicas. These comply with FIA regulations for Historic Racers. 

BMW acquired the MINI brand as part of its purchase of the Rover Group in 1994 and since production of the new MINI started in 2001, more than two million cars have been made at Plant Oxford, of which approximately 75% have gone for export. Hundreds of MINIs leave the plant's assembly lines each day, off to meet owners in more than 100 countries around the world. Since 2000, around £1.5 billion has been invested in MINI manufacturing in the UK.

Although Plant Oxford is the birthplace and heart of MINI production, two other UK plants have a part to play. Plant Hams Hall, near Birmingham, makes the new MINI petrol engines and Plant Swindon produces body pressings and sub-assemblies and all this comes together at Plant Oxford with body shell production, paint and final assembly.

The Countryman model is currently built in Austria due to production capacity limitations in the UK and also assembled at other BMW plants for localised markets.

All Convertibles are currently assembled in Holland and some production of the 3-door Hatch will also be undertaken here where production capacity limitations in the UK make this necessary. Examples of the latter model assembled in Holland are unlikely to be sold in the UK.  

MK Sportscars
Indy R/RR

MK Sportscars is one of the big players at the affordable end of the UK's huge Lotus Seven inspired roadster scene. From an embryonic start, producing chassis and suspension components for the Locost, another Seven style car, they were quick to develop their own roadster in 2000 and have since constantly developed the product, while maintaining a clear focus on affordability, allied to quality and high performance. In 2004, the founder of the company Martin Keenan (MK) sold it to his brother Phil and business partner Barry Lunn, both of whom had worked there for several years. Both Phil and Barry have been involved in motorsport of one sort or another for many years and the continued success they brought to MK Sportscars enabled them to move to bigger and better premises in Maltby, Yorkshire, where they currently produce the Indy R and Indy RR.

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