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Bristol Cars

Formerly the Car Division of the Bristol Aeroplane Company, Bristol Cars Limited has been manufacturing luxury cars since 1947. In 2011 the original Bristol Cars Limited company and Bristol Cars Services Limited were bought out of administration and established as subsidiaries of newly-formed Bristol Automotive Group, headquartered in Surrey, England as part of the Kamkorp group of companies.

Bristol’s first car, the 400, was built by the Car Division of the Bristol Aeroplane Company in 1945 in collaboration with Frazer-Nash and BMW. Bristol Cars Ltd was founded later in 1947. Frazer-Nash Research and Bristol Cars were reunited in 2011, brought together in the same group of companies.

With their original head office in the now famous Kensington High Street showroom, Bristol Cars produced a steady range of luxurious and fast GT cars, each one imbued with that particular British individualism.

The last model produced under the previous company ownership was the Bristol Fighter, a hypercar capable of over 200 mph. In 2016 Bristol Cars announced the first new car since the Fighter, the Bristol Bullet, which will be hand-built in Chichester, West Sussex.   

The Seven is the original British lightweight sports car, or 'race car for the road'. Originally created by Colin Chapman and launched as the Lotus 7 in 1957, it is inherently agile and gives startling performance. It is, quite simply, a motoring icon. Caterham Cars has been selling the Seven since the late 1950's. In 1973 Caterham purchased the rights to manufacture the car from Lotus, and has been building and selling it ever since.

Over the decades Caterham has continued to refine and enhance the design, whilst always respecting the brilliance of the original formula. Although originally designated as 'too fast to race' by the authorities in the 1970's, Caterham pioneered one make racing. Today there are more Sevens racing around the world than almost any other single marque, with over 700 competitors taking part in 11 countries during one season.

Today, more than half of the cars produced at the Dartford factory in Kent are exported around the world, including to Japan, France and Germany. 2005 was the most significant year in the history of Caterham Cars, with both the launch of the revolutionary CSR model and the sale of the company by the Nearn family after 40 years of ownership. Caterham Cars is proud to be one of the few remaining British-owned and British-based car manufacturers, with the majority of parts sourced from within the UK where possible.

The original CCM Motorcycles was founded in the early seventies by Alan Clews, a successful trials and scramble rider in the late sixties. He wanted a lighter more nimble motocross bike, so he started to produce his own based on the BSA 500cc works specials.

Since then, CCM have manufactured a wide range of bikes for both competition events and for use by the military. They currently build their bike for on and off-road use, the GP450 Adventure, together with the more recent limited edition Spitfire Series, from their premises in Bolton. 

Chevron Racing was originally founded by the late Derek Bennett in Salford in the 1960's. He is generally acknowledged to have been an engineering genius, as well as an accomplished racing driver, and was responsible for designing and building several legendary Chevron racing cars which enjoyed enormous success in many national and international race categories throughout the late 60's and 70's. Indeed, as many as six well known racing drivers who used Chevrons regularly went on to become F1™ world champions, including Nikki Lauda and Alain Prost.

Today 'the legend lives on' and the Chevron brand is now owned by WDK Motorsport, who are well-known in the world of classic racing car preparation. They build Continuation models of both the Chevron B8 and B16 and operate out of their premises in Stockbridge, Hampshire. 

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