About us

www.britishbuiltcars.co.uk has been created, following extensive industry research, to answer the perennial question: "Exactly which makes and models of car are made in the UK?". There remains much confusion around this subject, due in part to the extensive change in ownership of Britain's major car companies in recent years and the welcome investment in this industry by three major Japanese producers.

Despite the impression given by media stories over many years, the UK car industry is currently in a very healthy state, with seven volume manufacturers building high quality, well designed and innovative vehicles in competitive quantities. There is also a vibrant group of smaller manufacturers producing highly original cars for specialist and niche markets. It's also worth noting that the UK plays host to the largest concentration of motorsport firms in the world, with eight out of the eleven Formula 1 teams based here.

The facts speak for themselves. According to the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders), the UK made a total of 1,722,698 vehicles in 2016, an increase of 8.5% over 2015 and the highest output for 17 years. giving a major boost to the UK economy. 

Exports are at record levels with over 1.35 million cars shipped worldwide. Worryingly, following the Brexit decision, more than one in two cars are exported to Europe, currently the UK's single biggest trading partner, with demand for British-built cars up by 7.5%.

Car manufacturing in the UK directly employs approximately 145,000 people, plus many more in this country's automotive supply chain. It is estimated that every job in UK vehicle assembly supports 7.5 elsewhere in the economy. Investment announcements by a number of manufacturers in 2016 amounted to £1.66 billion and the UK became the second biggest producer of premium cars after Germany and the third largest car producer in Europe.

www.britishbuiltcars.co.uk features over 90 UK manufacturers producing over 200 different models. We now also list a British-built van, other specialist wheeled vehicles and over 30 models of motorbike made in the UK.

The product information featured on this site has been taken from the manufacturers' own websites, with their express knowledge and permission, or supplied by them directly. Where the smaller, specialist manufacturers are concerned only 'turnkey' vehicles (factory-built with either IVA, MSVA, NSSTA or EC SSTA approval) are listed on this site, but some of their models are also available as self-build projects.