• McLaren Elva - (Super Sports)
    McLaren Elva - (Super Sports)
  •  Bentley Blower Continuation Series - (Heritage Sports)
    Bentley Blower Continuation Series - (Heritage Sports)
  • MINI Clubman - (Small)
    MINI Clubman - (Small)
  • Uniti One - (Small/Electric)
    Uniti One - (Small/Electric)
  • Nissan JUKE - (Family)
    Nissan JUKE - (Family)

Welcome to britishbuiltcars.co.uk - the only website to list, in detail, not just every known car, van and motorbike, but other specialist vehicles, currently* made in the UK!

Although a very wide range of cars of all types cars make up the vast majority of listings, the site now contains details on vans, motorbikes, go-karts and specialist vehicles, including some military ones.

Our Video library contains 332 searchable videos and the site also features links to 85 car/van/motorbike Reviews by the leading motoring press.

The website contains over 90 manufacturers, making more than 200 different models, from large volume producers to small companies building just a handful of vehicles a year. Each listing contains a direct link to the manufacturer. Thank you for visiting our website.

*Some models may be in a pre-production stage, with a register of interest and/or orders being taken.

Latest Additions

Ecurie Ecosse
  • The Ecurie Ecosse LM69 (Le Mans 1969) is a very special, updated interpretation of the Jaguar XK13, the famous....
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Lunaz Design
  • Lunaz Design is a British automotive engineering company that has designed and developed an electric....
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Arash Cars, the Full Tour - AF8, AF-10, and Factory Overview
  • The full inside look at Arash Motor Cars as the new 563bhp AF8 nears production, with the former AF-10 prototype alongside it. Arash Farboud himself takes me on a tour of the new car in full detail, before we look at the AF-10, the Ginetta GTS, the carbon build process and then a look at his earlier project, the Farboud GT and upstairs to the design office. Thanks for watching, Tim
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