• Caterham Seven 360 - (Sports/Track Day)
    Caterham Seven 360 - (Sports/Track Day)
  • Avatar One - (Track Day/Competition)
    Avatar One - (Track Day/Competition)
  • Jensen Interceptor R - (Heritage Sports)
    Jensen Interceptor R - (Heritage Sports)
  • Gemini Karts - (Go-karts)
    Gemini Karts - (Go-karts)
  • McLaren 540C - (Super Sports/Track Day)
    McLaren 540C - (Super Sports/Track Day)

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If you are looking for a new car, van or motorbike and would like to buy one made in the UK, search britishbuiltcars.co.uk to find a suitable make and model.

Every known current British-built car is featured in detail*, from small hatchbacks, crossovers, hybrids, and SUVs to luxurious limousines and 200mph+ hypercars. The site also lists a wide range of factory-built sports and racing cars, including 'Heritage Sports', 'Track Day', 'Competition' cars and now Go-karts.

Our Video Library contains 258 searchable videos. All performance and fuel consumption figures are now in km/h and L/100km as well as mph and mpg.

The site now also features links to 75 car reviews by the leading motoring press.

Whether you are seriously considering a purchase, or just after information on the wide range of current British-built cars, motorbikes and vans, you won't be disappointed! The site contains almost 80 manufacturers, making over 200 different models, from large volume producers to small companies building just a handful of vehicles a year. 

* some models may be in pre-production stage with orders being taken.

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Featured Videos

£1.2 million Jaguar E-Type driven
  • n 1963 Jaguar started work on 18 special E-Type GTs produced specifically for endurance racing, but only 12 were originally built. 52 years later those final six lightweight E Types have finally been made. Here's what Jethro Bovingdon thinks of one.
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New Bentley Bentayga SUV review
  • The Bentayga is an incredible new SUV for a whole host of different reasons. For starters it’s every bit as good to drive as it is merely to sit in. We need to wait until we drive it on more familiar UK roads before passing a final judgement on its ultimate capabilities, preferably alongside its key rivals from Germany and the United Kingdom. But for the time being, be in no doubt; Bentley has moved the SUV game to a different part of the pitch with the Bentayga. Is it the best in the business? For the time being it’s a very strong maybe. Steve Sutcliffe drives what Bentley claims is the "fastest, most luxurious and most exclusive SUV in the world."
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Featured Vehicles

  • Inspired by the F-TYPE, the new Jaguar F-PACE is a performance SUV that has the DNA of a sports car. From the....
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Exo Sports Cars
  • The SVE Atomic has been designed with raw performance in mind. It is a lightweight single seater and has the engine....
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  • The Bentley Continental GT3-R is inspired by the new Continental GT3 race car that stormed to victory at the second round of the....
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  • The Atom 3.5R is the latest version of Ariel's extreme sports car and is a more powerful, track -focused version of the current....
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CCM Motorcycles
  • The GP450 Adventure bike from CCM Motorcycles has been been specifically designed as a high quality, lightweight, entry-level adventure....
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  • The Nissan LEAF EV (Electric Vehicle), now being built in Sunderland, together with its batteries, goes further, charges faster and....
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