• MINI Clubman - (Small)
    MINI Clubman - (Small)
  • Morgan Aero 8 - (Super Sports)
    Morgan Aero 8 - (Super Sports)
  • Jensen Interceptor R - (Heritage Sports)
    Jensen Interceptor R - (Heritage Sports)
  • Infiniti Q30 - (Family/Prestige)
    Infiniti Q30 - (Family/Prestige)
  • Metisse Desert Racer - (Motorbikes)
    Metisse Desert Racer - (Motorbikes)

Welcome to britishbuiltcars.co.uk - the first and only website to list, in detail, every known car, van and motorbike made in the UK!

If you are looking for a new car, van or motorbike and would like to buy one made in the UK, search britishbuiltcars.co.uk to find a suitable make and model.

Every known current British-built car is featured in detail*, from small hatchbacks, crossovers, hybrids, and SUVs to luxurious limousines and 200mph+ hypercars. The site also lists a wide range of factory-built sports and racing cars, including 'Heritage Sports', 'Track Day', 'Competition' cars and now Go-karts.

Our Video Library contains 271 searchable videos. All performance and fuel consumption figures are now in km/h and L/100km as well as mph and mpg.

The site now also features links to 79 car reviews by the leading motoring press.

Whether you are seriously considering a purchase, or just after information on the wide range of current British-built cars, motorbikes and vans, you won't be disappointed! The site contains almost 80 manufacturers, making over 200 different models, from large volume producers to small companies building just a handful of vehicles a year. 

* some models may be in pre-production stage with orders being taken.

Thank you for visiting britishbuiltcars.co.uk.


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Aston Martin
  • The new Aston Martin Vulcan is a track-only supercar and the British luxury brand's most intense and....
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  • Detroit Electric's new SP:01 sports car is the first in a range of premium electric cars to be developed by this....
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  • With an all-new W12 powertrain, the Bentley Bentayga is the fastest, most powerful, most luxurious and most....
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  • The new Greeves 280cc Trials Bike is the result of six thousand hours of design and development work, to give the new....
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Chesil Motor Company
  • The Chesil Speedster is a replica of a famous 2-seater sports car from the 1950s, and closely resembles the 1957 model year, its distinctive....
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  • The Avensis, Toyota's much respected mid-range saloon and estate (Touring Sports), is now in its fourth generation following its launch in....
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