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Since 1904 Rolls-Royce has created instantly recognisable motor cars that have made the marque an enduring icon all over the world. Inspired by some of the most evocative cars ever built, the company has the great privilege of taking this legacy into the future. In the words of their CEO Torsten Müller Ötvös: "Rolls-Royce has been a motoring icon for over 100 years". Rolls-Royce currently build the Phantom, Ghost, Cullinan, Wraith and Dawn models at their state-of-the-art factory near Chichester, West Sussex. 


Ronart is a sports car manufacturer and constructor of unique and bespoke sports racing cars. The company was founded in 1984 by Rona and Arthur Wolstenholme, and is still based in Peterborough. The company design and manufacture sports and racing cars for both road legal and track day use with unique designs. They currently make the open, two seater Jaguar-powered W152 model, whose eye-catching styling and ethos is very much influenced by the timeless shape of front-engined Grand Prix cars of the 'Fifties', championed by such iconic names as Mercedes, Vanwall and Maserati. Over 127 W152s have been built so far and even exported to countries such as the USA and Japan.

Sonic Cars
Sonic 7

Over thirty years ago John Village designed the Sonic and then went on to manufacture the now iconic children’s sports car. The design of the Sonic 7 is heavily based on the familiar Seven-style sports car. He employed only the very best in engineering to hand fabricate this classic performance car for kids. 

John recently handed over the reins of the Sonic brand to Stuart and Andy Parker of Team Parker Racing based in Leicester, where this car is now built. The race car preparation team, who operate a highly successful group of engineers, specialise in European GT, Touring Cars, Porsche series and still to this day a number of Caterham Championships, where they started over twenty years ago.


Suffolk Sportscars, founded by Roger Williams in 1990, makes a visually exact reproduction of the legendary Jaguar SS100, originally designed by William Lyons in 1935. Known as the Suffolk SS100 Jaguar, it is a true and pure Jaguar, fully recognised by all the Jaguar car clubs around the world. The SS100 has been joined by another faithfull replica based on the 1950s Jaguar XK120 C-Type, and both models are being made at Suffolk Sportscar's premises in Woodbridge. Roger's son Fraser is now heavily involved with the business.

Building on their firm foundations and three decades of engineering design success, Supacat have grown to be one of the world’s leading companies specialising in the design and development of equipment operating in harsh environments. 

In September 2015, having successfully outgrown their original brand, the company was split between Supacat and SC Innovation under the SC Group umbrella. This exciting formation allows them to grow and develop their joint capabilities while bringing innovative solutions to their customers.

Supacat’s range of off-road wheeled and tracked vehicles continues to expand as new requirements for high-mobility cross-country defence vehicles arise. Supacat is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and delivers all the disciplines of vehicle design, including engineering, testing, prototype manufacture, certification, low- rate production and fleet support. In the UK they are based at their headquarters near Honiton in Devon, but they also have an office in Australia.

While Supacat produces a wide range of vehicles, their listing features two of these models, the LRV 400/600. and the HMT 400 Jackal.

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