Sonic Cars - Sonic 7 Price: POA

Last Updated On: 06/09/2018

The Sonic 7 is a fully functioning petrol-engine sports car, designed for children up to twelve years old. It's inspired by the style of a classic open-wheeler, or as it's popularly known, the Seven style.

It’s powered by a reliable 100cc power unit (image 4) and built with an emphasis on safety. Sonic 7 cars have windscreens and fully functional front and rear working lights. It features a hand fabricated tubular space frame, including a built in roll over bar for rigidity and safety, with an adjustable pedal assembly to fit the child comfortably.

The car is good for 25mph (40km/h) but can easily be ‘turned down’ to restrict the speed for novices. The car is exceptionally stable over most terrains but revels in tarmac or a croquet lawn. Safety is paramount, so all Sonic 7 cars have 4-point safety harnesses rather than standard seat belts. All engine and moving parts are fully enclosed making them safe whilst in operation.

A 'grown up' Seven style car can be seen in the background of image 5.

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