LEVC - TX Price: POA

Last Updated On: 26/04/2018

The new LEVC TX is the world's first purpose-built electric taxi to London. The new TX marks the culmination of years of work and collaboration between some of the best designers, technologists and engineers. This new model replaces the last of a long line of diesel-powered cabs, the TX4. The TX is capable of meeting London's latest stringent emission regulations for taxis.

TX presents all the cost saving advantages that come with an electric vehicle, but avoids the range-anxiety of vehicles powered solely by an electric battery, thanks to the petrol range extender. eCity technology gives the driver the flexibility to continue operating even when the battery is low and can help them achieve a typical fuel saving of £100 per week. When the battery gets low, the economic range extender kicks in and acts as a generator for the battery. A mileage of 377 should be possible before the need to plug the taxi in again.

Inside the driver now enjoys a multi-way adjustable seat overlayed with a soft, durable and breathable fabric as standard. To achieve the perfect driving position, the steering wheel can be adjusted for both reach and rake. The optimised instrument panel features a large display with graphics and intuitive controls. The driver display takes the form of a high-resolution colour LCD display panel.

For the all-important passengers, limousine-like coach doors open on to a private and safe compartment with full-size seating for up to six. Full wheelchair access has been incorporporated into the new design. Whether finishing a presentation, consulting Trip-Advisor or checking-in online, convenience and connectivity are assured thanks to integrated phone and laptop charging points and Wi-Fi on-board. The new panoramic glass roof creates a spacious and airy ambiance and provides a stunning window on the cityscape outside.

Rear independent touch controls allow for complete cabin comfort, giving passengers the ability to adjust a variety of climate control features, including temperature and fans speed.   The same control panel features a two-way voice intercom with integrated microphone and speakers ensures crystal clear communication between the driver and passengers.

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