Detroit Electric - SP:01 Price: POA

Last Updated On: 24/07/2017

Detroit Electric's new SP:01 sports car is the first in a range of premium electric cars to be developed by this company. Based on the Lotus Elise platform, the SP:01 is a limited-edition, two-seat pure-electric sports car that sets new standards for performance and handling in electric vehicles. Boasting an impressive 155mph (250km/h*) top speed and covering the 0-60mph (97km/h) sprint in a blistering 3.7 seconds* (0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds*), performance motoring has a new champion.

 The SP:01 has a calculated electric range (NEDC) of 179 miles (288 kilometres)*

The rear-wheel-drive SP:01 features a compact, mid-mounted 210kW electric motor, a lightweight, purpose-designed battery pack and carbon fibre bodywork fitted as standard. The SP:01 has an excellent power-to-weight ratio-contributing to its superior performance, driving dynamics and class-leading handling. The transmission is a single speed manual.

Standard specification for the Performance model includes Graphite Pro ultra light alloy wheels, metallic paint, soft and hard tops and public and home charging cables. The interior equipment includes an 8.4" touchscreen tablet, iCar communication package, navigation system, air con, electric windows and performance seats in black leather.


* Information based on pre-production vehicle data

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