Classic British Cars: Made in Coventry | 2021 BBC Documentary

Published on 18th June 2021. To celebrate the award of UK City of Culture to Coventry, local boy Mark Evans tells the history of the classic cars made in Coventry, including the Daimler, the Triumph, the Riley and the Jaguar.

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Formed by the Wind - McLaren Elva
  • Published 9th December 2019. The natural world. Ruthlessly efficient. Yet beautifully elegant. It inspires us every day. And has led to an innovative design language, brought to life through Elva. Fluid forms. Blurred boundaries. Clean, pure and dramatic.
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Frontline MG LE50
  • We've been big fans of Frontline for a long time - for both the amazing parts they produce to make MGs go, handle and stop better, and the awesome cars they build for their customers. With the launch of MG LE50, their awesome Mazda engined new project, it was a golden opportunity to go along and chat to Tim and Ed about this groundbreaking new project.
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Gardner Douglas 427 - Is It A Real GT Car? - With Richard Hammond
  • Richard Hammond finds out if the Gardner Douglas 427 is primarily a poser machine or if it can be used as a genuine grand tourer. He puts it to the test in the fantastic winding roads of North Wales, where he'll be checking out the performance and handling, as well as seeing how practical it is. The 427 produces around 300bhp from it's 5 litre V8 engine, which on paper makes it a real monster and a viable option to the likes of a TVR.
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GBS Zero shopping trip.
  • There was no Graffenwalder left in the house so had to go on an emergency shopping trip to the nearest Graffenwalder depot. Haven't learned how to turn off the camera yet. Or how to edit the film for that matter. Will try better next time...
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