EVA sends its first batch of lightweight vehicles to Europe

27th February 2021

Electric Assisted Vehicles, the UK-based Oxfordshire manufacturer of ultra-lightweight commercial vehicles, has recently despatched its first of consignment of post-Brexit EAV2Cubed vehicles into Europe for deliveries in Germany and Norway.

“Brexit has not been without its challenges!” stated Leigh Barmby, COO and Director of EAV. “Like many British brands, we were concerned about the potential impact of Brexit on our business.  Primarily, we’ve had to adjust to the huge amount of new administration both in our purchasing and for the EU export process.  What was a simple and straightforward procedure for delivering to Europe has now become as complex as exporting to the USA for example.  But we’re learning the new ropes which is essential as we’re market leaders in micro-mobility and sales to Europe have increased significantly over the last few months.”

EAV has now supplied vehicles to several European countries, from Portugal to Sweden and with multiple orders having been received from within Europe, EAV has now been forced to review its policy regarding international distribution.

“We know the future as we’re building it.” commented Adam Barmby. “We know that there’s a real need to maintain the environmental gains we’ve made throughout Europe and beyond over the past year.  City traffic congestion is down due to the stay-at-home fight against the global pandemic and so, as a consequence, is urban pollution.  EAV was established as a future urban transport solutions business with a clear focus on replacing vans and cars in cities and towns with highly efficient environmental transport solutions that solved congestion and air quality issues.  We’re achieving that with no loss of efficiency to businesses, in fact efficiency is actually improved.   We’re now looking at distribution globally and how we can achieve maximum impact as rapidly as possible.  Our customer feedback for the EAV2Cubed has been exceptional so we know we’re making the right product.”

The initiative of last mile and mid-mile has been formulated by EAV as part of a complete solution.  With an 18% reduction in particulate emissions in London during 2020 due to significant reductions in traffic, the opportunity to clean-up the air every town and city in Europe, despite the complexities of Brexit, is now more achievable than ever before.

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