London Taxi Company waves goodbye to diesel cabs

21st March 2017

The TX1 model, first launched in 1997, was originally designed by Sir Kenneth Grange, the renowned industrial designer – once described as “the man who designed Britain”. There have been a number of design modifications since - most recently with the TX4 Euro 6 described by the taxi trade as the best taxi ever produced. Over 41,000 TX models have been produced over the past 20 years, of which 17,000 are TX4s. 

These cabs have been sold into over 40 countries around the world, including Australia, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and New Zealand. The cab even is even driven on the roads of Tonga. Closer to home these vehicles have appeared in an estimated 5,000+ films and TV shows – with the cab regularly used by James Bond, Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes to get around London.

However, LTC now is investing £300m to produce a new range-extended electric taxi – intended to provide the renowned dependability and manoeuvrability of a black cab, whilst helping cities around the world to dramatically cut emissions from the transport sector.

To mark the changing of the guard and to celebrate a vehicle which has served passengers not just in Edinburgh and London, but Baku and Sydney, LTC is producing 300 Limited Editions for the final production run.

Although colloquially known as the black cab, this celebratory model will come in three new colours – starlight black, lunar silver and night sky blue. New paint technology has been used on these vehicles to ensure an even more durable finish which is more scratch and chip resistant. In addition, each bears an individually numbered badge on the boot lid and dashboard.

This edition will also feature an understated Union Jack grille, a gloss black dashboard and Rear parking sensors. Like all new TX4s, it will come with a Euro 6 engine which delivers an 83% reduction in nitrogen oxides when compared with older models.

“Thanks to investment in new processes and improved staff training by our parent company Geely - this is the best quality, lowest emission black cab we have ever made, and is the perfect tribute to a car that has been a fixture of the UK's streets for 20 years." said: Steve Fitter, Head of Manufacturing for TX4 at LTC.

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