Ariel announces the latest Atom

12th October 2012

Ariel announce the release of the Atom 3.5 – the latest Atom and a progression from the existing Atom 

3. Incorporating design, detail and power upgrades the Atom 3.5 reflects Ariel’s continual efforts to improve and evolve the Atom and retain its title as the best, the fastest and the most fun lightweight sports car available today.

Immediately noticeable and visually setting the car apart from the Atom 3 is the new lighting system. Twin projector headlamps and LED turn signals at the front and LED turn and stop/tail lights at the rear makes the Atom as fast at night as during the day. With more and more owners using their cars as regular transport the continual improvements that Ariel have made to the Atom make it accomplished on the road as well as the track. Other small styling details, such as the new bonnet, set the car apart from its predecessor.

Changes to the chassis, derived from the V8 and Mugen Limited Editions, have been fed through to the Atom 3.5 increasing stiffness and torsional rigidity. Revised engine mountings and new dampers work with these modifications to give a comfortably compliant ride on the road and improved balance and traction on the track. 

The 2.0 litre Honda iVTEC K20Z4 engine is retained in the Atom 3.5 with 245bhp in normally aspirated form but power is lifted on the supercharged engine to 310bhp with changes to intake, mapping and fuel system also giving more mid range power. 

Instrumentation is revised to an all new digital LCD display with speed, RPM and the usual functions plus gear indicator and built in programmable gear shift lights. A data logger can be added to the driver display to give real time information including lap times, G force, position sensors and various other downloadable information. 

Even more items have been added to the extensive Atom option list to ensure that every customer gets a car that is not only unique but exactly right for their use. ‘We have become the Savile Row of the automotive world,’ said Simon Saunders, Director of Ariel, ‘and the Atom is not only one of the fastest cars in the world, but also one of the most unique. There are things we can do in low volume that large manufacturers simply can’t, so every car is individual to each customer and to what they want. Whether it’s a fast road car, the ultimate track day weapon, a fun weekend car or a combination of all three, we can make a car that is personal and individual to that particular customer’. 

The Atom 3.5 continues the remarkable story of Ariel – faster, better and of course – more Serious Fun.


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