Vauxhall secures 1200 UK jobs

23rd June 2014

Vauxhall’s all-new Vivaro, launched today, secures 1,200 jobs at the UK’s last van manufacturing plant after workers won a 10-year contract and a £185 million investment.

Thanks to the outstanding attitude and work ethic of the workforce, the Luton plant beat world class competition from across Europe to build the new van.

Rival Ford shut its Transit factory in Southampton last year making Vauxhall’s Luton facility the sole flag bearer for UK van manufacturing – on a site where over eight million vehicles have been built since 1905.

The plant is significant contributor to the local and national economies building nearly a million Vivaro vans since 2001 including 44,000 vans built in 2013.  The factory is a major exporter with 52 per cent of production destined for European markets.

Service firms around the country will also benefit from £600 million of new business over the life of the new Vivaro with 40 per cent of content sourced locally from UK suppliers.  This is up by 60 per cent on the current van.


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