Nissan ends LEAF production in Sunderland

1st March 2024

Nissan has ceased production of its LEAF battery electric car in Sunderland, which had been the only mass-market EV built in Britain. It ends a 13-year spell spanning two generations of LEAF, which was one of the more affordable family-size electric cars on the market, prices starting from a little under £30,000.

Nissan confirmed the news on Friday, saying the LEAF had 'reached the end of its lifecycle in Europe', though reaffirmed the company's commitment to making EVs in Britain. They will now focus on preparations for the LEAF's battery electric replacement, which is due in 2026 as part of a new £2billion investment in EV production at Sunderland.

Nissan stressed that while production is stopping this week, the car remains on sale and is available to customers as normal through existing stock at their dealer network. 'The LEAF has long inspired a loyal following from owners, who highly praise the car’s reliability and ease of ownership, so strong supply and the current range of consumer offers ensure it remains an affordable and accessible route for anyone wanting to make the switch to an electric car,' Nissan said.

Since production of the LEAF began in Japan in 2010, over 650,000 of the battery-powered family hatchbacks have been sold around the world. Included in this total is 270,000 cars produced at the Sunderland plant, where assembly of LEAF for the European market has taken place since 2013. A statement provided by a Nissan spokesperson added: 'After 13 years of great success, the Nissan LEAF, the world’s first mass-market 100 per cent electric vehicle, is approaching the end of its life cycle in Europe.

To soften the unwelcome news about the LEAF's demise however, the Nissan spokesperson added: 'Nissan has already announced a new line-up of 100 per cent electric vehicles for the European market to be produced in Sunderland plant as part of our commitment to sustainability and electrification.'

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