Triumph TR25 concept revealed

13th July 2023

100 years after making its place in history as a leading sports car brand, the Triumph Motor Company makes headlines again with a new electric TR25 concept car, created by leading automotive design house, Makkina.

Unveiled in London today, the TR25 created by Makkina is a celebration of the great British roadster, paying particular homage to the record-breaking ‘Jabbeke’ Triumph TR2, MVC575, which broke the land speed record for production cars under two litres in May 1953.

Today, 70 years after its record was secured and 100 years since the Triumph name first appeared on a production car, it returns to the headlines under a different name and sporting a new, modern design direction as the Triumph TR25 by Makkina. With a deep-rooted commitment to craftsmanship and innovation, UK-based design house Makkina has created the TR25 to embody the record-breaking car’s attributes in a contemporary way with realistic proportions that remain true to the Triumph brand.

Making its name in speed record history, the Triumph TR2 MVC575 competed famously in its speed trials in Jabekke, Northern Belgium in 1953. The original ‘Jabbeke’ TR2 was memorable as it achieved an impressive and record-breaking speed of 124.889 mph, with test driver Ken Richardson at the wheel. The ‘Jabbeke’ TR2, otherwise known as MVC575, was a pre-production prototype car, featuring streamlined parts including an under shield, rear-wing spats, and a metal cockpit cover. The colour of the car, a pale blue-green hue, has now become synonymous with the ‘Jabbeke’ TR2. The original car now resides at the renowned British Motor Museum in Gaydon, UK. 

From the outset, Makkina’s desire was to showcase the characteristics that made MVC575 such an important car. The front end with its two distinctive headlights – a design also synonymous with subsequent Triumph sports cars – the sleek, aerodynamically-optimised exterior surfaces, the single-seat configuration with optional flip-out jump seat for the passenger, plus the uncompromising driver-focused cabin. 

Using an all-electric BMW i3S as a platform, Makkina has been able to give the TR25 a near 50-50 weight distribution, allowing it to corner as a true sports car should. Coupled with a low centre of gravity and compact proportions, the i3S serves as the perfect foundation for Makkina to develop the next chapter in British sports car history.

Director at Makkina, Michael Ani, said: “Our aim was to update the true character of the original record-breaking ‘Jabbeke’ TR2 with our design, through both interior and exterior design. Using the BMW i3S platform allows us to create a blend of old and new with the TR2-inspired body shape and the versatile and adaptable powertrain, creating a seamless, fully electric experience. The i3S platform proves that driving an electric car can be fun! The combination of instant torque, acceleration, agility and silence are as compelling now as ever.”

With a minimalistic interior, the TR25’s cockpit aims to place the driver in a setting where there are no unnecessary distractions. Minimal instruments and controls allow for the enjoyment of a pure driving experience, evoking an emotion that is key to Makkina’s ethos. The headlamps of the TR25 mirror those of the ‘Jabbeke’ TR2, with a signature ‘25’ in the centre as a nod to Makkina’s 25th anniversary. The single-seat layout enhances the true sports car experience, whilst detailed touches include an updated version of the Triumph Motor Company’s emblem.

A self-centering dial in the steering wheel displays all vital information while a central binnacle will show road speed, charge levels, and battery range. The spoked steering wheel, which pays tribute to the ‘Jabbeke’ TR2’s wheel in period, will be where the driver can access driving modes, data and the car’s navigation system. 

With 25 years of experience, Makkina is the perfect partner to bring the TR25 to life and has produced designs for some of the automotive industry’s biggest players, creating a formidable reputation as the agency of choice for automotive design. The closely-knit team has a wealth of creative talent and know-how, discreetly attracting some of the most respected brands in the automotive world, taking their projects from sketch to production.

Also celebrating a significant anniversary, the former Triumph Motor Company name remains synonymous with the iconic British sports car, 100 years since the company built its first vehicle. Triumph has produced some exceptional cars in its history, from the great TR sports cars to the Dolomite and Spitfire. With the blessing of BMW Group, who own the rights to the Triumph name, Makkina is proud to bring its TR25 to life.

Director at Makkina, Michael Ani, said: “Triumph is an incredibly significant name in the motoring industry, and we knew we carried a strong responsibility for its reawakening through the TR25.  Whether through its much-loved TR sports car series or its highly-respected line of sedans, Triumph remains a cherished nameplate, holding a very special place in our hearts at Makkina. 

“We’re proud of the way we have revitalised the Triumph [Motor Company] name and thank our friends BMW Group for allowing us the honour to badge a car that not only celebrates our company’s [Makkina’s] 25th anniversary but also 70 years of the ‘Jabbeke’ TR2 record run and 100 years of this iconic marque [Triumph Motor Company].”

The Triumph TR25 by Makkina was unveiled in London this evening, Thursday 13 July 2023, at an event attended by distinguished industry names and renowned design leaders. For more information on the TR25, Makkina and the Triumph Motor Company brand, please see the full press pack here:

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