Revenant Automotive wins by a nose with new Vantage front end

10th June 2020

UK-based Revenant Automotive has redesigned, redeveloped and reengineered a new front bumper as part of is recommissioning programme of the current Aston Martin Vantage, with order books now open on

With the move to create larger grilles on modern vehicles, Revenant Automotive is going in another direction and has created a new nosecone design for the latest-generation Aston Martin Vantage, arguably one of the most controversial and discussed modern car front ends.

Revising the frontal area and creating a more elegant look, the new bumper design from Revenant Automotive divides the intake area in to two distinct openings, in lieu of the original’s large one-piece grille. The upper inlet is styled to create a cleaner, more proportionate frontage, while the lower inlet, which is protected with a high-flow hexagonal mesh, connects the splitter with a pair of curved supports.

Each nosecone is hand crafted in the UK, available to order in a variety of lightweight composites, including optional exposed 2x2 twill herringbone autoclave-cured carbon fibre. Current and future Aston Martin Vantage owners are able to discuss their requirements with Revenant Automotive with regards to material selection, ordering and best methods for fitting, as well as configuring their new-look Aston Martin Vantage online.

The online configurator tool allows exploration of future levels of the Revenant Automotive recommissioning programme for the Aston Martin Vantage, of which the nosecone is the first production-ready release. The configurator features a nearly endless set of possible visual combinations, allowing users to colour and customise not only the paintwork but also trim pieces such as grilles, emblems and the window surrounds, as well as using accent colours on graphics, brake calipers and wheels. Numerous camera angles are available to review each creation, along with insider information on the design and personalisation options. The site is available now at

For more details on the Revenant Automotive programme for Aston Martin Vantage and for future projects by Revenant Automotive, follow @revenantautomotive on Instagram, @revenantauto on Twitter, visit or email

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