XCS Designs - Dieci Price: POA

Last Updated On: 04/07/2023

The new XCS Designs Dieci (pronounced Dicey!) is the company's interpretation of the popular Seven-style genre, but turned up to ten, some may even say eleven!

XCS doesn't claim to have invented the Seven; they can all thank the talented Mr Chapman for that. But what they have done is take that lightweight concept and run with it, adding new levels of structural integrity, safety and, perhaps most important of all, driving enjoyment.

The XCS Dieci chassis is created on precision-formed jigs, with additional strengthening and triangulation over many other Seven-style roadsters on the market. Countless hours and thousands of test miles have resulted in a car that cossets and communicates in equal measure.

The XCS Dieci exists to carve the perfect line on road or track. That's why it has been engineered to place the centre of gravity and polar moment of inertia at the driver's hip, which ensures that the suspension geometry creates the most intuitive and communicative feedback. Caster, camber and king pin inclination angles have all been carefully optimised to deliver a natural self-centering action to the steering, resulting in a drive that is enjoyable without being aggressive.

The optional camber compensation front-end, pioneered by XCS Designs, and DeDion rear axle sets the class standard in handling and compliance. This patented, cross-coupled suspension system allows the Dieci to run an unusually compliant set-up, allowing the car to smother B-road undulations that might unsettle more stiffly-sprung rivals.

XCS offers chassis packages that include a number of proven motorbike and car engine installations, including brand new Ford powertrain solutions. The images show the Dieci powered by the Suzuki Hayabusa 1300. As a machine that is hand-built to order, each customer has the luxury of being able to specify the drivetrain of their choice. Our chassis team is happy to talk through the possibilities; but ultimately, if it fits... it sits!

The Dieci's precision-moulded GRP panels are usually finished in a gel coat colour of the customer's choice. Alternatively, a cost option allows the customer to specify that the bodywork is spray painted instead. Similarly, the customer can choose how the interior is trimmed: from being stripped-out for track use to being more luxuriously appointed for touring.

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