Ecurie Ecosse - LM69 Price: POA

Last Updated On: 15/05/2020

The Ecurie Ecosse LM69 (Le Mans 1969) is a very special, updated interpretation of the Jaguar XK13, the famous Le Mans prototype from the mid-sixties, that was ditched by Jaguar before it could take part in a single race. (image 8).

Fifty years on, after a long period of development by engineer Neville Swales who has already built several XK13 recreations, the spectacular LM69 is to be launched. While remaining true in spirit and sympathetic to the style of the fabulous XJ13, its bodywork has been developed into an all-new design that has its own purposeful beauty.

The 5 litre quad-cam V12 is the heart of the car, a unique signature that has been designed to evoke the experience of driving at Le Mans in 1969. And not only is the LM69 suitable for track use, it’s fully road-legal. The intention is to offer the engine in two capacities – the “standard” 1966 5.0 – 5.3 litre version, and Neville Swales's own 7.3 litre version that uses the same basic architecture, but bored and stroked. The 7.3 litre engine is expected to exceed 700 hp.   

A strict brief was established from the start: the design and engineering team would have to adhere to the regulations of the time, and feature only design details and technology that entered motorsport no later than early 1969.

As the XJ13 would have done had it been prepared for serious competition use, the LM69 benefits from innovations that appeared during that exciting era. Composite materials have been used, it’s lighter than the original car, and it boasts experimental aerodynamic devices, wider wheels and tyres, and a much-improved engine.

Only 25 will be produced, in keeping with the 1969 FIA homologation requirements and to maintain its exclusivity. Each one will be individually hand-built in the West Midlands by the best British craftsmen in their field.

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