Caterham Cars - Super Seven 1600 Price: from £35,890

Last Updated On: 11/04/2020

A few years ago, Caterham released two Sixties-style versions of the Seven. Called Sprint and Super Sprint, they were both a huge hit, with all 60 samples of each selling out very quickly. Following on from this success story in nostalgia, the company has launched  the Super Seven 1600. It's a tribute to the Sevens of the Seventies, and unlike the limited edition Sprints it will join Caterham's line-up as a full production model.

The new Super Seven 1600 is powered by the same 1.6-litre Ford Sigma engine (135bhp) as found in Caterham's entry-level 270 model, resulting in similar performance figures of 0-62mph (100km/h) in 5 seconds and a top speed of 122mph (196km/h). Other mechanical changes are limited to the addition of DCOE throttle body injectors  and chrome-finished K & N air filters, which complement the car’s retro-inspired styling (image 6).

The Super Seven 1600 is available in standard and wider SV form and retains the Seven's familiar silhouette, but can be told apart from existing models by a number of bespoke design touches. The most obvious of these are its unique flared front wings, as worn by early Caterham models, which extend from the headlights back to the bulkhead. 

The spare wheel carrier at the rear is a strong nod to the earlier models, as are the sports alloy wheels that replicate the eight-spoke design common to British sports cars in the 1970s. The model can be specified with a choice of seven heritage-inspired paint schemes. 

The stylish interior is further enhanced with a wooden steering wheel and tailored leather upholstery.

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