Caterham Cars - 485/485 CSR Price: from 47,495 Euros

Last Updated On: 01/10/2019

The Seven 485 is the most potent EU6-compliant Seven Caterham Cars has ever made. The high performance, range-topping variant of the iconic sports car is the latest model available in mainland Europe and beyond, boasting extreme performance and technical enhancements, taking the minimalist, lightweight philosophy to a new level. Channelling the Caterham brand’s philosophy of ‘accessible fun’, the new 2.0-litre Seven joins its existing EU6-compliant 1.6 and 2.0-litre models.    

Designed to provide a new high performance benchmark, the 2.0-litre Ford Duratec engine which powers Caterham’s premium range of Sevens has been re-developed to be more powerful but still EU5-compliant in conjunction with the Caterham Group’s engineering consultancy, Caterham Technology & Innovation (CTI). CTI’s extensive development work has resulted in an additional 65ps over the most powerful existing EU6 Caterhams available across Europe, Japan and many other countries worldwide, delivering formidable, high-adrenalin performance. The new engine delivers its peak power at a lofty 8,500rpm, resulting in one of the world’s highest revving EU5-compliant engines which also boasts an incredible 120ps-per-litre.

Performance is bold – the sprint to 100kph takes just over three seconds, before propelling the Seven 485 to a maximum speed of 225kph. The power is conveyed to the road via a five-speed gearbox and the new car sits on adjustable dampers with Eibach Springs.

The Seven 485 is available with both the standard chassis and the wide-bodied 'SV' chassis. The standard chassis offers the compact lightweight dimensions that have made the Seven a legend in its 50 year history.

The SV chassis gives increased interior and luggage space due to the greater width and length of the car, making it suited for extended touring or for customers over 6'2" in height. The SV also benefits from the additional stability offered by wide-track front suspension and increased range from a larger fuel tank, with a 50kg weight penalty over the standard chassis.

In the summer of 2019 Caterham introduced the CSR variant (image 8), which is basically a Seven 485 turned up to 11. Marking the 485 CSR out from the regular 485 is push-rod inboard front suspension, its fully independent, double-wishbone rear suspension, 15-inch CSR alloy wheels, shod with Avon ZZS tyres and aero front wing guards. Optional features include carbon fibre front wings, carbon leather side panels on the interior, a black Alcantara dashboard and LED high-intensity daytime running lights.   

The Caterham Seven 485 and 485 CSR are not available in the UK and are export only. All prices are exclusive of local taxes. Images 1-7 show 485 R which has now been replaced by the 485 CSR.

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