Evolution E-Types - Model Range Price: POA

Last Updated On: 02/08/2019

Evolution E-Types, the world's leading Jaguar E-Type parts supplier, can now offer a range of bespoke, handcrafted, re-engineered E-Types. 

Series 1 E-Spec

Effectively a new car, the team refresh a Series 1 E-Type, building with new and refurbished components to a greater standard than ever possible when originally assembled out of the factory. Evolution makes sure the classic charm and DNA is not disturbed with subtle improvements that are absolutely necessary for modern driving. Each car goes through a strict overhaul process that ensures nothing is left untouched.

Series 1 E-Spec Plus

The Evolution E-Spec Plus takes the original E-Type formula and turns everything up to 11. Whilst aiming to retain the original cars DNA, Evolution release the potential from within the mighty straight six XK engine with modern lightweight pistons, optimising airflow and a stronger crankshaft machined from solid billet. These upgrades are helped along by a new fuel injection system for instantaneous throttle response and improved fuel efficiency. With a power to weight ratio to trouble a 911 Carrera S, we have taken extra care improving agility and handling with a number of subtle suspension alterations, bringing poise worthy of the sports car status it deserves.

Some styling cues mark it out from a standard Jaguar such as modern lightweight stainless steel split rim wheels or to take it one step further we can remove the bumpers for a smooth seamless finish in the style of the racing Lightweight from the 1960’s.

Low Drag Coupé

Based on Evolution's ultra-lightweight monocoque platform incorporating the Low Drag design. Everything in the Low Drag Coupé has been created to deliver a truly relaxed and pleasurable driving experience, with the power and control of a modern sports car. The Low Drag Coupé features a fixed head roof based on the roadster package for arguably the most attractive E-Type style available. With the styling and performance of the Roadster along with the comfort and refinement of a Grand Tourer, it’s the very best of both worlds.

Low Drag Roadster

The Low Drag Roadster is Evolution's flagship model, and after years of ongoing development with the E-Type the team can finally offer a vehicle far superior to the original car in terms of driving dynamics and technology. Externally the rear arches have been increased for more definition whilst removing all bumpers and seams for a smooth finish hiding none of the cars beautiful contours, whilst the front windscreen incorporates the design of the original low drag.

Inside the all-aluminium monocoque the floor has been lowered and lengthened to accommodate a more comfortable driving position. Located within the engine bay is the new cast aluminium block combined with a bespoke 4 valve head, 5 litre capacity for an estimated 350bhp and impressive 500Nm torque suited to the low revving nature of the XK, driven through the aluminium 5 speed manual. Combined with the low weight of the car the engine’s character can provide instant power when needed, but remains smooth and civilised for low speed manoeuvres.

Semi-Lightweight GT

The Semi-Lightweight GT is based on the famous racing E-Types of the 1960s. Essentially a road going E-Type Roadster with an aluminium bonnet, boot lid and doors complete with a lightweight fibreglass hard top, this proved a very competitive recipe troubling the likes of Ferrari and winning on several occasions. With many of the external details removed for weight advantages such as the bumpers, the car was given a unique and clean look never seen before on an E-Type.

‚ÄčAn Evolution Lightweight captures that styling yet retains the ride quality and compliance of a road going E-Type. Based on a donor car, we take the standard engine and suspension and refurbish back to new. A new steel monocoque is fabricated in-house to the original drawings and patterns. Just like the race car, we have created the tooling allowing us to manufacture 4 piece aluminium bonnets along with doors and boot lid. Each car retains its original age related registration with matching engine numbers.  

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