BAC - Mono Price: POA

Last Updated On: 08/03/2024

The second generation Mono from the Briggs Automotive Company may not look very different from the original, but above and below the familiar exterior lies many technical changes and improvements.

Sporting the stunning new generation of Mono design DNA first seen on the BAC Mono R, the newcomer epitomises how form enhances function with reductions in visual mass across the body, less frontal area and a lower height creating a sleeker, more organic overall appearance. 

At the heart of the new Mono is a naturally-aspirated 2.5-litre powertrain optimised to deliver the perfect amount of power and torque for a high-performance car that is agile and dynamic, both on-road and on-track. This translates to the powertrain, which revs to a rousing 8,000rpm, developing 320PS (315bhp) and 313Nm (231 lb-ft) of torque.

Showcasing the high-level innovation that BAC has become synonymous with, the Mono’s optimised power output results in an incredible power-to-weight ratio of 553bhp-per-tonne, meaning the supercar weighs just 570kg (1,257lbs). The precisely optimal weight distribution of 41% front and 59% rear further adds to the car’s agile yet composed approach.

The combination of its lightweight structure – thanks in part to BAC’s world-leading graphene-infused carbon panels – and high-performance capabilities allows the Mono to sprint to 60mph (97km/h) in just 2.7 seconds!

Part of BAC’s DNA comes from its unique state-of-the-art suspension and damping setup, a piece of proprietary technology that the company has been radically evolving and advancing for over a decade. During this time, the geometry arrangement has been refined and perfected, now realising 50% more anti-dive on the front and 50% more anti-squat on the rear, which in-turn increases body control and optimises handling performance and accessibility.

For Mono, both suspension and the two-way adjustable racing dampers have been finely tuned to deliver the car’s goal of giving the driver the best experience on the road and track. The setup – both front and rear – is an adjustable pushrod activated twin wishbone system with needle roller-bearing mounting bell cranks that result in lower frictional losses. At the rear, Mono retains the six-speed motorsport-derived sequential transmission, with configurable gear ratios depending on the owner’s specific requirements. A close collaboration with Pirelli has resulted in a range of tyres being available for the new car, from the Mono-specific Trofeo R tyre, to slick and wet options.

The new Mono is graced with an evolved aesthetic treatment based on brand’s current design language, which debuted on the more track-focused Mono R. Reflecting the balanced engineering setup of the new BAC supercar, Mono’s design form is more subtle and beautifully rounded while retaining its stunning future-gazing profile, staying true to the Mono Concept of a BAC single-seater supercar being at home on the road as much as it is on the track.

The brand’s iconic shark-nose-front instantly aligns Mono visually to Mono R, as do the main LED beam headlights that are centrally mounted to reduce the frontal area. Every element and every surface have been carefully honed to enhance aerodynamics. At the rear, an aerodynamically optimised spoiler extends over the rear arches, adding a dramatic finish to the new supercar.

Production of the new Mono supercar from BAC has already commenced at the company’s HQ facility in Liverpool, UK, with orders already placed from around the world.

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