Ginetta - Akula Price: from £283,333 plus VAT

Last Updated On: 27/07/2019

The all-new Ginetta Akula is a radically designed supercar, borne from the company's experience of LMP1 and LMP3 programmes and successful history in producing series racing cars. Akula is the Russian word for shark and Ginetta's road and track machine certainly captures the aggressive stance of such a beast.

Based around a carbon fibre tub and functional aerodynamics, the Akula is powered by a  front/mid configured 6 litre V8, which boasts a power output in excess of 600bhp and a torque rating of 700Nm. This powers the rear-wheel drive car via a carbon fibre propshaft and six-speed sequential transaxle. Fitting the new car with a functional diffuser and rear wing makes it capable of generating 376kg of downforce at 100mph (161km/h).

The use of carbon fibre in its construction helps keep the Akula's weight down to just 1150kg. The claimed power to weight ratio is 545 bhp per tonne. Top speed should be in excess of the, almost obligatory nowadays, figure of 200mph (322km/h) and 60mph (97km/h) should be reached in around 3 seconds.

With some serious track day use in mind, the Akula is equipped with lightweight alloy wheels, carbon ceramic brakes, adjustable suspension as in LMP1 and an FIA crash structure. Inside, the Alcantara buckets seats are moulded into the carbon tub, to fit each customer, and there is billet aluminium panelling, carbon fibre LMP1 steering wheel and touchscreen infotainment.

First year's production is limited to 20 units and first customer deliveries are planned for early 2020.

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