CCM Motorcycles - Spitfire Series Price: POA

Last Updated On: 12/08/2018

CCM Motorcycle's stunning Spitfire Series of custom motorbikes consists of six seperate models, which will all be made in limited numbers. They are Original, Bobber, Cafe Racer, Flat Tracker, RAF 100 and the Scrambler. Production runs of both the Original and Scrambler are now sold out.

All models are powered by the same 600cc single cylinder four stroke engine, which generates 55bhp and is driven through a six-speed gearbox. Average fuel consumption is 56mpg (5 litres/100km).

Original: (image 1) The bike that launched the SkunkwerX series, a limited edition of 150 machines sold out almost as soon as they were launched. The gorgeous lines of the artisan frame, sculpted tank and a thumping 600cc 6-speed engine are the basis for the variants that would follow. The solo steed was designed for no other reason than for pure riding pleasure or to be simply admired.

Bobber: (image 2) The Bobber or “Bob-Job”evolved in 1930’s America from the “Cut-Down” bikes of the 1920’s. These were stripped back minimalist machines with all accessories removed, a shortened rear and a lowered seat height making for a more compact, lighter motorcycle.It was a logical choice then to launch our own version of the Bobber, taking its underpinnings from the lean and lithe Spitfire, a bike as stripped back as a modern road legal bike can be.

Cafe Racer: (image 3) Born in the 1950’s, the Café Racer movement is possibly the most influential movement in motorcycling history. These stripped-down production bikes were used to get from one café to the next as swiftly as possible with the magical “ton” their goal. This biking sub-culture inspired the large manufacturers to develop the sports bikes that we see today. The lean, mean Spitfire is the perfect platform from which to create a Café Racer, with minimal weight, no unnecessary fripperies and a torquey 6-speed 600cc single; powerful Brembo brakes keep things nicely controlled.

Flat Tracker: (image 4) Originating in the USA, Flat Track racing is one of the oldest forms of motorsport. Its popularity spiked in 1971 with the launch of “On any Sunday” bringing this exciting sport to the masses. CCM enjoyed success on the short circuits with Marco Belli at the helm, taking the FT510 to overall victory in the 2008 European short track championship. The new Spitfire Flat Tracker takes its inspiration from those early pioneers with the signature trademarks of a CCM machine.

RAF 100: (image 5) Inspired by an exciting era of British motorcycles, and the Brough Superior ridden by RAF Aircraftsman, TE Lawrence. When the two are compared, the hand-stitched luggage panniers and vintage front show plate give an unmistakable nod to the pride and joy of Lawrence of Arabia. Other notable styling themes are taken from the different Spitfire aircraft of WWII. The stunning tank has been created to reflect the equally stunning prototype, Supermarine Spitfire K5054 built in 1936. Invasion stripes, as used in D-Day landings wrap around the tank, and even the extended carbon fibre mudguard tips have the same yellow tips taken from the Spitfire propeller. Look behind the floating seat and you’ll find the signature of Sydney Hennan, the father of CCM founder Gail Clews, who lost his life serving in the RAF. Just 100 of these exquisite bikes will be hand-built to commemorate 100 years since the formation of the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Scrambler: (image 6) Back in the 70’s, racetracks echoed to the sound of rolling thunder when CCM took on the mighty teams and won. The new Spitfire Scrambler takes its styling cues from those glory days when the young Alan Clews would commute during the week on his bike then take it racing at the weekend. With the classic scrambler riding position, rugged dual sport tyres, extra ground clearance and unswept pipes, this version of the Spitfire will look very much at home off-road or cruising down Kings Road.  

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