Chevron - B16 Continuation Car Price: POA

Last Updated On: 17/06/2016

The B16 Continuation Car, which Chevron Racing started re-making in 2006, is a classic racer that has been certified as a 'carry on' from the original production run of 1969/70, when it quickly earned a reputation as a race winner. This entitles the car to carry a Chevron Chassis Plate and a 'Continuation Chassis Number' which qualifies it for an FIA Historic Technical Passport (HTP) as a limited edition and effectively allows the B16 to take part in 'Classic' competitions, such as The V de V and Masters Series, alongside the original cars of that era.

Each car is hand built to the client's individual specification and is usually powered by classic Ford Cosworth FVC or BMW 2 litre engines, driven through a Hewland FT200 gearbox. Apart from competing in these race series, the B16 Continuation Car also makes a fantastic hillclimb and sprint car or at the very least an amazing track day car!

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