Lister - Lister Knobbly Road Legal Price: POA

Last Updated On: 27/05/2018

Having hand-built ten examples of the iconic Knobbly 1950s race car to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the company, Lister have turned their attention to a road-going version. The impetus for this further 'continuation' project of just ten cars, came from a customer who wanted to drive the Knobbly round Lake Geneva.

Like the track-only version the Road Legal model has a hand-beaten aluminium body with a six-cylinder Jaguar 3.8-litre engines and four-speed gearbox, supplied by specialists Crosthwaite & Gardiner. This engine which is almost identical to the D-Type power plants fitted in the 1950s puts out an impressive 330bhp. This gives the 787kg Knobbly very modern performance car figures of a 0-60mph (97km/h) of just 4.3 seconds and a top speed of 181mph (291km/h). These figures must have seemed extraordinary in the 1950s.

The tubular chassis is made from seamless engineering tube using the original jigs, and all welds are pressure tested to ensure integrity. The aluminium body panels alone take around 500 hours to beat into the Knobbly’s distinctive shape. 

A 4.2 litre six cylinder engine can be specified as a lower cost option to the 3.8 litre dry sump.

Image 6 shows Lister CEO Lawrence Whittaker with some of the Knobblys in various stages of production.

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