Caterham Cars - Seven 310 Price: from £21,995

Last Updated On: 24/07/2017

The new Seven 310 was born of Caterham’s inescapable urge to continually develop the car, as well as the ongoing work to hone its acclaimed domestic motorsport programme, and it was a happy accident that may just take the Seven to the pinnacle of its prowess.

Harking back to the Superlight R300 so beloved of Caterham purists, the 310 features the perfect balance between the car’s 155bhp and the Seven’s legendary handling characteristics, making this a confidence-inspiring, intuitive beast that offers the absolute maximum in non‑threatening driving fun.

Powered by an upgraded version of Ford's well-regarded 1.6 litre Sigma Ti-VCT engine, producing an extra 20bhp, it gives the 310 performance figures of 0-60mph (97km/h) in 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 127mph (161km/h). The upgrade was destined to be an aftermarket option but, once the car hit the road, there was no question that it would become a classic in its own right.

Once again coming with the S and R packs, depending on whether your focus is the road or the track, the Seven 310 also has an appealing starting price of £21,995.

If Caterham was only going to make one Seven for the rest of its days, this would be it.

The Seven 310 is also available as a self-build project.

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