Young Driver Motor Cars - Firefly Price: £5750 plus VAT

Last Updated On: 13/10/2016

The Firefly is the world's first electric powered car specifically designed for children aged 5-10, and in particular to teach them the rudiments of driving on public roads. The company which has developed Firefly is a division of Young Driver™ (established in 2009), which itself is the UK's largest provider of pre-17 age group driving lessons with 45 UK training centres. 

Firefly is powered by a state of the art electric drive train featuring twin electric motors enabling a top speed restricted to 10mph. The car can, however, be set to a Junior or Experienced mode. An innovative (patent pending) and optional safety system uses sensors to detect obstacles in time to bring the car to a halt when it is operating in the Junior mode, which also limits speed to 5mph. Working in forward or reverse modes, this is supplemented by a remote control switch which enables adults to stop the car from up to 120 metres away in case of an emergency. The automatic sensors and 5mph speed limit are deactivated in the Experienced mode, but the remote control is still operational.

The driver’s seat can be adjusted, allowing most youngsters aged from five to 10 to reach the pedals. An adult of up to 6ft can also drive, or be a passenger within the vehicle.

The Firefly features a contemporary body styled by car designer Chris Johnson, who has over 30 years’ experience in automotive and product design. The body is constructed from fibreglass fitted to a separate chassis and the car incorporates features intended to make it feel as much like a full sized car as possible, to help with the teaching process.. 

Whilst the product was initially developed for use by Young Driver™ at their training centres, it will also be available for purchase worldwide by members of the general public from 2017, with a price tag in the region of £5,750 + VAT.

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