Vauxhall - Astra 5-Door/Sports Tourer Price: from £19,090

Last Updated On: 22/07/2020

The Astra, now in its eighth generation, is now lighter in weight, roomier inside and more compact than ever, bringing together clever engineering with premium design, and powered by a new range of ultra-efficient engines. Sharp lines, athletic sculpting and the striking curve of the 'floating' roof - the design of the new Astra together with its premium interior and distinctive wheels, further enhance its overall appeal.

The compact, three-cylinder, turbo petrol units are available with 1.2 and 1.4-litre displacements. With power outputs extending from 110PS to 145PS and maximum torque from 195Nm to 236Nm, they achieve an excellent balance between performance and efficiency. Thanks to outstanding technology and innovative engineering, CO2 emissions from the Astra’s new-generation engines have been vastly reduced by up to 19 per cent, compared to the previous model. The Astra’s 1.5-litre, four-cylinder diesel engines offer 105PS and 122PS, as well as 260Nm to 300Nm of torque.  

The low consumption and CO2 figures are made possible due to the modern six-speed manual gearboxes, the continuously variable transmission (CVT) and – making its debut in a Vauxhall – a new nine-speed automatic. The six-speed manual gearbox is available in the base engines as standard, while the smooth-shifting nine-speed automatic is also available.

The premium interior includes the option of multi-adjustable ergonomic AGR front seats and the Power Driver's Seat in leather with massage and ventilation. The latest Astra is available with a new digital front camera, which is both smaller and more powerful than before thanks to a faster processor. It now not only recognises vehicles, but also pedestrians, greatly improving safety.   The Astra 5-Door is available in several configurable specification levels.

Vauxhall’s latest version of the Astra, with its all-new powertrain line-up, was already 21 per cent more C02-efficient than the model that went before, but now new preliminary data shows further improvements to its emissions values. All new diesel Astras now produce lower C02 emissions than originally quoted, with the 1.5D (105PS) engine with a 6-speed manual gearbox dropping to just 90g/km.

There is also an estate version of the latest Astra called the Sports Tourer (images 7 and 8), available in more limited specification levels, but otherwise similiar mechanicals to the 5-Door. Prices for this Sports Tourer start at £20,540.

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