Exo Sports Cars - SVE TR1KE Price: from £13,995 OTR

Last Updated On: 08/09/2015

With a classic Mills exo-skeletal chassis design and panelwork penned by Road Track Race's Liam Wilkinson, the sensational Yamaha R1 motorcycle powered SVE TR1KE has to be one of the most 'truly remarkable' looking vehicles that money can buy. With over 430bhp/tonne power to weight ratio it must also be one of the quickest, coupled to extraordinary levels of grip due to the low centre of gravity.

This three-wheeled car, the SVE TR1KE, has been designed to give bike performance with the comfort of a conventional 2 seater sports car.  

Ride quality is always a personal preference and so the SVE TR1KE features fully adjustable suspension settings. The all round coil over shock absorbers can be adjusted in ride height and damping. Basically the perfect feel can be achieved to suit all drivers. Even the steering rack can be chosen to suit the driver, either the standard 2.8 turns lock to lock or the quicker 2.4 option.

The SVE TR1KE is also available as a self-build project.

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