Ronart - W152 Price: POA

Last Updated On: 07/06/2018

The Ronart W152 is a hand-built, high-performance two-seater sports/racing car suitable for use on road or track. It reproduces the classic style of the front-engined Grand Prix cars from the 1950s, and combines today's performance with reliability, safety and advanced composite materials.

The cars that influenced the design of the road-legal W152 were the Mercedes W154/196, the Maserati 250F, the Vanwall, and the HWM Jaguars of the time. Which make the W152 conjures up depends to a large extent on the historic team racing colours chosen by the purchaser. 

The W152 had always been designed with the use of Jaguar powerplants in mind. With the latest version, known as the W152 S6, there is the option of the 4.2 litre straight six, or the mighty V12 of either 5.3 or 6.0 litres capacities, with the choice of carburettor or fuel injection.There is also a choice of manual gearboxes.

The two-seater bodywork is craftsman-built from GRP composites, comprising just six main parts.

The wire wheels, very important to the overall look of the W152, can be finished in silver, chrome or stainless steel. The dashboard can be supplied in either leather or solid walnut and features classic Smiths style instrumentation. The finished specification of each W152 is left very much up to the individual customer.

The Ronart W152 is also available as a self-build project.

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