Trident Sports Cars - Iceni/Iceni Magna Price: POA

Last Updated On: 18/07/2018

The Trident Icenirepresents the culmination of a dream to produce a Grand Tourer with unique features and innovations. Currently Trident is building both a coupé (pictured) called the Iceni Magna and roadster version simply called Iceni, to customer orders. The name Iceni comes from an ancient tribe of Britons who inhabited what is now Norfolk, where the cars are built.

Both models are powered solely by a 6.6-litre V8 turbodiesel engine, which in standard form produces 424bhp and 950lb ft of torque. Upgrades are available, taking the car to 651bhp and 1057lb ft. Trident claims a top speed of over 190mph (306km/h).

The engine is connected to a six-speed automatic transmission (made by Trident themselves), while other features include performance brake discs and calipers at the front and rear, with uprated shock absorbers and springs.

The car incorporates over thirty-nine bespoke, designed and manufactured components including wheels, seats, air-vents, instruments, door-pulls, handles, occulight roof panels, lights, glass, grilles, gearbox and differential.

Inside, the Iceni features leather trim, sports seats and an integrated touchscreen with satellite navigation and a DAB radio, alongside numerous options as part of four upgrade packs.

Trident claims a range of around 2000 miles for the Iceni, running from a single tank of bio-diesel, as well as a claiming fuel consumption of over 50mpg (5.6L/100km). 

Key to that range and to the Trident's performance is its torque multiplication technology. Company founder Phil Bevan says his formula of low revs and increased torque should lead to improving fuel efficiency over normal performance cars: “These high-revving cars have become trendy but we all know that horsepower takes over from torque as it’s a crankshaft speed-related formula, and ours is based all on torque.

The Trident Iceni changes gear at 3000rpm, so it has masses and masses of torque. The standard car has 950lb ft at 3000rpm along with 424bhp. The most interesting thing is at 70mph it's doing just 980rpm!

Trident had been doing prototypes for nearly eight years. It’s perfecting their innovation of torque multiplication, and the long process of having to make their own gearbox and differential and make thier own engine ECU to capitalise on the torque the Iceni produces.

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