Frontline Developments - Abingdon Edition Price: from £86,475

Last Updated On: 25/07/2017

Following in the footsteps of the highly successful LE50, a thoroughly re-engineered MGB GT, it was almost inevitable that Frontline Developments would give the same treatment to the MGB Roadster.

They now have and the new car is called the Abingdon Edition. As with the LE50, Frontline eschews the risk of using original bodywork, so the new model starts from a brand new British Motor Heritage bodyshell, based on 1965 specifications. Suspension, brakes etc are all specially built or heavily upgraded and modernised and the steering is now electric with adjustable assistance.

All this mechanical improvement is very necessary in a sports car capable of 160 mph (257km/h) and a claimed 0-60mph (97km/h) time of just 3.8 seconds! This impressive performance comes courtesy of a factory supplied Mazda 2.5 four cylinder all-alloy unit, with an output of 304bhp @ 6800rpm, driven through a Mazda 6-speed aluminium transmission.

As with the handbuilt ethos of the LE50, the interior of the Abingdon Edition is beautifully fitted out with much Connolly leather in evidence and considerable attention has been paid to enhanced noise and heat insulation. However, all this upgrading has not been at the expense of losing the original cockpit look and feel of an MGB Roadster.

There is a very wide range of interior and exterior colour options available and some very clever solutions to weatherproofing this roadster. In the words of motoring journalist Richard Meaden...."The Abingdon Edition is one of the most enjoyable and desirable cars I've driven all year." 

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