Ariel - Ace Price: from £20,000

Last Updated On: 07/10/2018

The Ace, launched in summer 2014, is the first new motorbike to be made by Ariel for 50 years, since when the company has become well known for its Atom extreme sports car.

The Ace, just like the Atom, will be handbuilt by a single Ariel technician, with customers able to visit their bike as it is being made. In a further comparison to its sister car, the Ace will be built around an exposed and distinctive aluminium space frame.

The new bike is very much about a handbuilt and bespoke ethos, with customers being able to tailor their machine to their exact requirements from a vast array of personalisation options. For instance, there is a choice of three types of seat, a low single seat with an additional/removable pillion pasenger seat, a dual seat and a solo sports seat. The instruments will come via Race Technologies-developed LCD dash – the same as found on the Atom.

Power is supplied by the Honda V4 engine offering 173bhp and driving the bike via a shaft drive and a six-speed manual or push button control gearbox. Performance figures are a 0-60mph (97km/h) time of just 3.1 seconds and a top speed of 165mph (266km/h).

Ariel has also guaranteed that the Ace can be returned to the factory when new upgrades become available. It already runs this option for the Atom, allowing modifications to be fitted at any time as and when customers desire.

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