MINI - 5-Door Hatch Price: from £16,895 OTR

Last Updated On: 14/02/2020

With the introduction of the MINI 5-Door Hatch, it was the first time the Hatch had been offered with two rear passenger doors since the new MINI was originaly launched in 2001.

This model features enhanced interior comfort and practicality thanks to the extended wheelbase. Rear passengers now have 72 millimetres more legroom compared to the 3-Door Hatch, while the increased space also provides room for a third seat in the back row. The two rear doors make access to the enhanced rear seating more comfortable.

The 5-door model offers an additional 15 millimetres of headroom. Meanwhile, the car's interior width at elbow height also increases by 61 millimetres. The boot has a volume of 278 litres, up 67 litres or around 30 per cent compared to the 3-door Hatch. The MINI 5-door Hatch also benefits from the same high standards of the new generation MINI 3-door Hatch in many other ways, including the use of quality materials and workmanship, safety, acoustic and NVH comfort and innovative equipment.

The 5-door Hatch is available in One, Cooper and Cooper S variants.

In early 2018, this MINI 5-Door Hatch, together with the the 3-door variant, underwent a facelift which included new technology, cutting-edge connectivity, standard-fit front and rear LED lights across the range and an advanced dual-clutch automatic gearbox. There was also a number of trim upgrades to the interior and exterior. 

All models are now powered by petrol Twinpower Turbo engines. Power outputs range from 102hp (MINI ONE) right up to 192 for the Cooper S model. Comparative fuel consumption figures range from 47.1mpg (5.9L/100km) for the MINI One and Cooper models to 40.4mpg (7L/100km) for the Cooper S. Performance figures for the Cooper S is a 0-62mph (100km/h) time of 6.8 seconds and a top speed of 146mph (235km/h). Diesel power is no longer available for the MINI range.

There are three basic styles to choose from for the three models. MINI One is available in Classic style and the Cooper and Cooper S are available in either Classic, Sport or Exclusive styles. The customer can then go on the choose from a range of extras and from MINI's legendary options list. 

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