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Last Updated On: 24/05/2020

The Steve McQueen Desert Racer™ (image 1) being produced in limited numbers by Métisse Motorcycles, faithfully encompasses the ideals employed by the late actor Steve McQueen. These include styled footrests made to his original design, 35mm Ceriani forks, with seven inches of travel which he found to be the optimum. The yokes are from BSA, being his preference because of the handlebar position, set behind the steering stem for better control.

This Desert Racer faithfully adopts a Mk III chrome-moly, nickel plated, oil bearing frame. Chromed steel wheel rims, period chromed exhausts, scramble rear tyre, trials front tyre, Amal competition levers & twist grip. A period Triumph front hub with BSA rear, along with an authentic colour coded tank, seat and panels complete the specification.

Complete bikes are ready to order now, utilising a fully reconditioned period Triumph 650cc twin cylinder engine complete with single Amal carburettor. Each one comes with a certificate of authenticity and Steve McQueen's signature on the tank. This bike is sold in its original form as a thoroughbred competition racer.

The Mk5 range comprises of the Street Scrambler (images 2 & 3) and the Café Racer (images 5 & 6) is manufactured and assembled by hand in the Carswell workshops and is truly unique amongst British motorcycles. Each motorcycle takes six weeks to create to the customer's specific requirements. Every single part on the Metisse Mk5 is made to order to ensure the highest standard of engineering.   Each customer is presented with a special build portfolio in a fine leather owner’s wallet, giving images of their motorcycle during its creation, along with the motorcycle documents and bespoke specification list.
                                                                                                                                                                                            The Mk5 Café Racer combines the memories of the golden era of motorcycles with the engineering of the modern era. As with all Mk5 motorcycles, the Café Racer uses Metisse's own engine ' the Adelaide' to great effect. The unique 997cc air-cooled parallel V twin engine (image 4) is showcased in the Metisse trademark nickel plated frame, with all of these parts hand crafted and assembled in Métisse's Carswell workshops. The classic Café racer styled bodywork then gives you the option of having a top fairing or not.

As with all Métisse motorcycles it is not just about looking good. The underslung clip on handlebars, the tailored riding position, the adjustable suspension and powerful parallel twin engine all give you the ultimate riding experience for when you want to stop admiring the motorcycle... and ride it.                                          

The Mk5 Street Scrambler Follows the early origins of Metisse and gives you the chance to experience the Mk5 Adelaide engine in a modern interpretation of the original Mk3 Metisse. When you mention Métisse, most ardent followers think of the scramblers that the Rickman brothers designed and won with in so many competitions. The Mk5 however takes styling and engineering inspiration from the Mk3 and puts it together in an elegant Street Scrambler. Powertrain is identical to the Cafe racer.
When the directors of the Man From Uncle wanted an iconic motorcycle for Ilya Kuryakin there was only one choice the Métisse Mk3 Scrambler.

Based upon the race-winning pedigree Mk3 Métisse Scrambler, the Metisse Hammer motorcycle (images 7 & 8) has been adapted to the film requirements. The iconic looks of the Mk3 Métisse are further enhanced by subtle design changes: to the front headlight and heatshields on the twin exhausts for instance.

Armie Hammer rode the Métisse Hammer during filming and was so impressed he now owns and rides one in the States. As with the Steve McQueen Desert racer, the Metisse Hammer will be produced in a limited batch of 300, with each motorcycle guaranteed for its exclusivity with a prized Certificate of Authentication. This unique bike is powered by a fully reconditioned original Triumph 650cc T6 engine and driven through a reconditioned original Triumph 4-speed transmission.  

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