Nostalgia Cars - C Type Price: from £57,988.44 plus VAT

Last Updated On: 12/04/2016

The Nostalgia Cars C Type is a faithful replica of the iconic Le Mans winning Jaguar of the early 1950s. As the original C Type, the body is hand-rolled aluminium and assembled onto the chassis by skilled craftsmen working to the highest standard. Both single door as the original or two door are available, they can also produce single door, left hand drive. The Nostalgia Cars C-Type body is also available in glass reinforced plastic, hand laid by experienced laminators. As with all Nostalgia heritage replicas, the customer is encouraged to become involved in the build process, as much as they wish.

Each chassis is jig manufactured from best quality steel tubing having been designed to accept genuine Jaguar major components. With the exception of two members, the chassis is a replica of an original Jaguar C-Type. Seat belt and roll cage facilities as standard are included within the main structure.

All Jaguar XK engine sizes are available to be installed in the Nostalgia C Type from 3.4 to 4.2 litres, in a number of tuned stages using various carburretor options.

As the C Type is, and always was, a serious race car, interior trim options are limited, however they do build in as much comfort as is possible within the business-like cockpit.

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