Tiger Racing - R6 Price: £22,995 OTR

Last Updated On: 04/08/2019

The R6, an open two seater Seven style sports car, is probably Tiger Racing's best selling model and the vast majority of them are built for normal road use. However, this is a car of such awesome performance and superb handling that. if required, with a few safety upgrades such as a full roll cage, it can be used for serious track use.

Over the years the R6 has gained an enviable reputation as a highly successful race car in many varied track events, so that it now even has its own race series. The R6 can be supplied with an aero screen or, at no extra cost, a full width windscreen and is available with a choice of three Ford engines. 

There is also a version called the Tiger B6 which is basically a Tiger R6 with very slight chassis alterations and fitted with a motorcycle engine. Reverse gear is operated through a Quaife reverse gearbox situated in the central tunnel. 

With the exception of the engine and transmission, virtually all other aspects of the B6 are the same as the R6. The few outward signs that differentiate the two models are the bonnet cutout to clear the bike engine air filter, the sequential gearbox selector and reverse gear selector in the cockpit and exhaust configuration. All options and weather equipment etc. are as per the R6.


The Tiger R6 and B6 are also available as self-build projects

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