Frontline Developments - LE50 Price: from £57,900

Last Updated On: 24/07/2017

The LE50 is essentially a new build MGB GT, being made by Frontline Developments in conjunction with British Motor Heritage, and created to deliver the charm, style and elegance of 1962, but to 2012 standards. This means not only an incredibly high level of production engineering, but also truly staggering performance, comfort, build-quality and reliability. 

The LE50 will be handbuilt by Frontline's Special Works Division, using a highly developed, brand new monocoque chassis and powered by an all-new 214bhp aluminium twin cam engine, weighing a mere 85kg. Combine this with the new aluminium 6-speed manual gearbox, suspension, brakes, cooling system and even the seats, the reduction in weight of these cars is exeptional, offering unrivalled comfort as well as handling. 

A well mannered road car with a 0-60mph (97km/h) time of 5.1 seconds and top speed of 160mph (257km/h) is certainly something the original MG designers would be very proud of.

Manufactured as a 2 seater GT car with a 2+2 version available as an option, the interior of the LE50 features Alcantara headlining, dashboard and crash rail, with Alcantara or Connolly hide covering seats, doors and interior panels. Wilton carpets hug the floors, with a mass of billet alloy switchgear on the dash and a sound system provided by Harmon Kardon. Heated seats and windscreen for the winter and air conditioning for the summer, form part of the options list.

Frontline also offer a slightly more powerful version with 238bhp, called the LE50 Plus, which offers even sharper handling, response and performance. This model is priced from £60,995.

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