BAC - Mono Price: POA

Last Updated On: 28/07/2019

The BAC Mono is a lightweight, ultra high performance, road legal sports vehicle, designed and manufactured using the latest racing technology.  Above all else Mono has been designed to optimise the driving position – in the middle, central to the wheels, and the balance of the car.

Mono is constructed using high-strength carbon fibre composite around a steel safety cell. The cell is designed to offer maximum safety featuring a FIA compliant steel rollover structure, a sophisticated side impact structure and a front carbon crashbox.

Powering Mono is a longitudinally mounted 2.5 litre, 305 bhp four-cylinder power plant provided by Mountune. Coupled to that engine is an F-3 spec 6-speed sequential gearbox from Hewland.

Suspension is a fully-adjustable pushrod suspension with damping elements made by SACHS Racing. Fitted with 295mm ventilated discs, AP Racing brakes provide stopping power.

Tyre manufacturer Kumho has used their vast experience in motorsport and road cars to develop a special rubber compound for Mono, which is designed to work with the low weight and optimized pushrod suspension.

Mono’s central driving position makes the driver an integral component of the car, creating an unparalleled synergy between man and machine. With this in mind, each customer is fitted for his or her seat, pedal reach and preferred driving position.

Mono has a top speed of 170mph (274km/h) and a 0-60mph (97km/h) time of just 2.8 seconds. The interior features 'Extreme' waterproof leather and Microcare MC waterproof 'suede', a specially designed carbon fibre seat, a GEMS LDS4 colour display system and a quick release steering wheel.  

After trying Mono on the track, motoring journalist Jason Barlow said:".....this is essentially a street-legal Formula 3 car.....

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