Raptor Sports Cars - Raptor R/RR/CS Price: from £21,995

Last Updated On: 09/11/2016

Raptor Sports Cars manufacture a range of Seven style cars, but with a number of significant differences to other makes, helping to give them a more extreme edge, and making them ideal for road, track day or competition use.

Chassis design is very important to the Raptors, as the company was anxiuous to make the cars accessible to the taller person person, something not always possible with other makes. The chassis itself has been carefully designed with the heavy coil over units from the front wishbones placed inboard with suspension movement transmitted by rocker arms and pushroad assemblies derived from F1™ machines.The chassis can even be constructed from either square section or round tubing.

Raptor Sports Cars offer a range of three Raptors, the R, RR and CS and all three models are available with modern Ford powerplants with various power outputs. This can range from the entry-level 140bhp (0-60mph in 4.2 seconds) right up to a faintly scary 320bhp which propels the car from 0-60mph in a startling 3.1 seconds and on to a top speed of 158mph!. The RR and CS models are also offered with a selection of motorbike engines.

All models are available with a choice of two interior layouts. The buyer can simply choose the low-slung aero screens, as shown in the images, or opt for a full-width heated windscreen and full weather gear.

The Raptor is also available as a self-build project.

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