Ariel - Atom 3.5 Price: from £30,596

Last Updated On: 24/07/2017

The Atom 3.5 is the latest version of this uniquely designed two seat sports car, in which the owner can drive to the track, enjoy the race-bred design to the full and then simply drive home again. It may not have a roof, doors, windscreen*, carpet, heater or stereo, but according to a well-known motoring journalist: "it's an awful lot of fun!" Powered by the latest version of Honda's 2.0 litre i-VTEC engine (as found in the Civic Type R) which puts out 245bhp at 8200 rpm in normally aspirated form. With a power to weight ratio of 600 bhp per tonne, the Atom 3.5 is capable of a 0-60mph (97km/h) sprint of 2.7 seconds!

The tubular chassis, clad with minimal composite bodywork, contains two moulded composite seats, a four point quick release full harness, competition steering rack, alloy adjustable pedals and full instrumentation. With fully adjustable suspension this car can easily be set up to suit the driver or track or just enjoyed in its standard settings. There is a wide range of optional extras for the owner to enhance and individualise their car, particularly for the track day enthusiast.

The Atom 3.5 is the result of careful race-bred design and attention to detail and provides enormous fun for use on the track, whilst being quite at home when driven on the road. 

* Following extensive development, Ariel now offer an optional full width glass windscreen, complete with wiper/washers and fixings, which can be quickly removed for track use (see image 6).

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